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Alko reveals Easter “traffic lights” – see when you should pick up holiday drinks – Taloussanomat

Easter is traditionally said to be one of Alko’s busiest seasons. Easter weekly liter sales are estimated to grow by about 50 percent compared to normal weekly sales. Maundy Thursday is usually the busiest day of business.

In addition to Christmas, Easter is one of Alko’s busiest seasons, and liter sales for the Easter week are expected to grow by as much as 50 percent compared to normal weekly sales.

Alko’s Business Director Kari Pennanen According to Alko, sales have been higher than normal anyway due to the interest rate pandemic and the change in sales channels. According to him, Alko’s sales have been affected by the restrictions on restaurants and the fact that passenger traffic from Finland to abroad has almost come to a standstill.

Public speeches about Alko’s possible closure due to mobility restrictions, Pennanen said, have not mobilized consumers, although he says there has been a slight increase in sales last week compared to previous weeks. He still doesn’t think we can talk about hoarding.

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Alko wants to remind its customers of safe shopping as the lively Easter season approaches, and released so-called traffic lights for shopping during Easter week. For the first time, Alko used similar traffic lights last Christmas. The traffic lights are intended to illustrate the number of customers in the seasons.

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Traffic lights give an indication of when Easter week’s congestion is at its worst.­

Alko reminds its customers of the use of a face mask, suitable safety intervals and good hand hygiene. Whenever possible, customers are advised to shop as much in advance as possible and to arrive at the stores preferably during the quietest hours of the morning. This is to avoid congestion in Alko’s stores.

When paying for purchases, you should try to avoid cash payments.

Customers are also warned to be prepared for the fact that in some stores the number of customers has had to be limited in order to guarantee the necessary safety distances. The busiest day of business is Poor Thursday.

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