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Ali Bongo gives his first interview since his stroke

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                «<em> Energy, I have plenty of it! </em>»This is what Ali Bongo declared to the Pan-African weekly <em>Young Africa</em>.  The Gabonese president broke a very long silence that he had observed since his stroke in October 2018. It was <em>Young Africa</em> that he chose to speak for the first time. 

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Libreville,</em> <strong>Yves-Laurent Goma</strong>

The interview is very long, 4 pages. Ali Bongo talks about everything including his health. ” I’m fine. I even increased my pace of work. I can’t wait to be 100% of my ability again He replied.

AT his opponents who wonder on his ability to lead Gabon, Ali Bongo replied: “ Rather, I would advise them to work on formulating ideas. To be content to criticize and to argue is to go completely astray ».

For Ali Bongo, his son is ” extremely competent »

It also comes back to his son Noureddin Bongo Valentin whose appointment in December 2019 to the post of General Coordinator of Presidential Affairs had sparked controversy. Ali Bongo is sharp: “ Noureddin, in whom I obviously have complete confidence, is extremely competent. He assists me on a daily basis, ensures that my instructions are properly executed and follows up on them ».

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Accused of being shunned by France since coming to power in 2009, Ali Bongo recognizes that under François Hollande’s mandate, relations have not always been very fluid. But with Macron, “ we share, he said, the same desire to have bilateral relations nourished, appeased and, I would say, modernized ».


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