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Alexander Malkevich about supporting Russians abroad – RT in Russian

The founder of the Fund for the Protection of National Values, Alexander Malkevich, gave an exclusive interview to Maria Butina as part of the project “We do not abandon our own”. His organization campaigned for the release of Russian sociologist Maksim Shugalei and his translator Samer Sueifan from prison in Libya. In May 2019, they were arrested in Tripoli on suspicion of meddling in the upcoming elections, and released in December 2020.

– Many people were involved in the return of our sociologists from Libya, people even went to pickets, including myself. How did you achieve liberation and what would be worth changing?

– If you answer briefly and aggressively, then I personally would like, as in cinema, a little in Russian and a lot in American. For a warship, for example, a Russian one, to come to the shores of Tripoli, aim its guns and say: “You have two hours to return the Russians.” It would be bright and cute. And when we released two feature films “Shugaley” and “Shugaley-2”, the audience asked me: “Alexander, why can’t we carry out a military special operation?”

– Why not?

– This question is not for me.

– Did the state help you?

– The state helped. But we must understand that some kind of sharp, tough movement on our part would most likely be used against Russia. In the end, all the same, everything led to practically a special operation, in which both the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took part. The fact is that Libya is what is called by the word failed state (a failed state – RT). There, a large number of various groups had to be forced into peace. Because the prison is controlled by one gang, the roads from the prison to the airport are controlled by another gang. The airport is the third. I had to push through everyone.

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    “It is impossible and wrong to stay away from such injustice”: Alexander Malkevich on the support of Russians

– The Foundation for the Defense of National Values ​​is an organization that openly supports many people who find themselves in difficult life situations. You gave funds to support Bogdana Osipova, campaigned for Maxim Shugalei. They also helped me with lawyers. Why are you doing this?

– If possible, we should help fellow citizens, fellow countrymen, Russians, people who are in trouble. It is my deep conviction that there is a potential danger for a citizen of Russia in almost any country in the world. We argue about this a lot at various public events, on social networks. Some readers write to me: “Alexander, you are exaggerating. I am a simple engineer, what threatens me? ” I answer: “My dear, you are not an ordinary engineer. You can work in the structures of Gazprom or the Russian military-industrial complex, in shipbuilding, in the space industry or in IT “…

– That is, to be a potential spy?

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– Even not so much a potential spy as a potential victim, because there is an interest in you. You can be detained in any country in the world for anything in connection with the extraterritorial principle of American justice. And then you will be asked to testify, tell about the programs you are working on. After all, we know the famous story that we allegedly stole a vaccine from the United States. Then they ruined everything in the laboratories in order to delay its production. And then they misinformed the American society about their vaccine, etc. The list is long. Therefore, if you, for example, the pharmacist Maria from the Gamaleya Center, go to another country, for example, on vacation in Bulgaria, then they may accept you there and say: “Tell me everything about the vaccine.” And the reason will be normal.

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“Arrested to drag Russia into the conflict”: President of the FZNTs Maxim Shugaley spoke about the imprisonment in Libya

Maxim Shugaley, President of the Foundation for the Protection of National Values, gave an interview to Maria Butina in the framework of the project “We do not abandon our own. In May…

– I think you have heard such an argument: “Why did you flood there?” They left to rest or study – that means they themselves are to blame.

– No. After all, every story can be made out. There is the story of Maria Butina, a Russian political science student, who was completely boorishly mixed up under the American law on foreign agents. Bogdana Osipova, who made a key mistake: she did not need to return to the United States to sue her ex-husband. But her story is so wild that everyone should know about her. That a mother with many children was thrown into prison for trying to protect her children. The history of Russian fans is also wild. Listen, well, the Russian and British fans had a fight, and they always fight. But for some reason, some are all in white and are victims, while others end up in prison, and even one of them is sentenced to 10 years.

It is impossible and wrong to stay away from such injustice. And about who has gone where – you can be in the place of Olesya Krasilova, who was on a business trip to the Canary Islands for several days. Not by sleep, not in spirit not to know that you are on some lists, programs of the United States and you should be detained there. Allegedly for some sins some years ago, which, among other things, have not yet been confirmed. But we live in such an upside-down world when proof is not needed.

– It is clear that you are not helping everyone. How do you choose cases?

– People find us themselves, of course. And then it depends on the life story that we learn. If I could, I myself would have helped the guys-fans, but we were not able to raise money for this. Including because – I will reveal a secret – those potential victims with whom I met … People said: you can help if you are sure that help will “play”. We are just talking about our friend, who was given 10 years. That is, it would be possible to pay for a lawyer who would simply cash in on us, but the verdict remained the same. That is why it is difficult to convince benefactors who want to have an effect, to have a victory.

– It is generally accepted that our people don’t donate money to charity. Has anything changed in the last 10-15 years?

– It seems to me that those patrons, in the best Russian traditions that were, they are. After all, a patron is not a sponsor. This is a person who does good deeds in silence, because he wants to help. But due to the fact that they do not want to advertise their activities, we do not know about their existence.

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– Maybe you need to advertise to set an example for others?

– It is necessary to advertise, but we cannot force these people. They learn from a variety of sources, mainly from their environment, about people who are in trouble, and help.

– We don’t abandon ours – what’s this?

– It seems to me that there is something in the blood. Russians do not abandon their own in the war. And there is a war going on against us. It is a hybrid, trade, sanctions, informational. And it’s great that there is a sound civil society that can unite on a specific occasion every time. That is, we have good, normal people who know how to empathize and know how to help those who are in hard times, who are in trouble.

But I would like to see some clear-cut system, model appeared in the state. Roughly speaking, if a Russian is in trouble abroad, a small amount of money must fall from somewhere for the express work of his lawyer. Or there must be some Russian-speaking, certified lawyers who are on a certain list or register. That is, a small set of solutions that you can immediately resort to. And here the state should make this kind of contribution. After all, when you find yourself caught off guard by various security officials abroad, you do not understand who to join, who to call, who will come to your aid. Help with legislative decisions, in a good way with bureaucratic structures – and everything will work.

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