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Alexander Bolshunov won the Russian championship – Cross-country skiing

Alexander Bolshunov celebrated gold on the opening trip to the Russian Championships.

Russian ski island Aleksandr Bolshunov took his own country at the championships in Tyumen.

Bolshunov won gold in the opening trip of the Games, a sprint race in the traditional skiing style. Second skiing on the northern track Aleksandr Terentjev and the third was Yevgeny Belov. They lost to Bolshunov just over a second and a half.

After the race, Bolshunov admitted that he was tired and far from top condition. The main goals of the season were at the World Championships and the World Cup in Oberstdorf.

– I don’t feel the same as in Oberstdorf, but at the Russian Championships I don’t need to ski as hard, Bolshunov said the simple truth Championat.comin in an interview.

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At the World Championships in Oberstdorf, Bolshunov won the World Championship gold and three other medals. In the World Cup, he celebrated the victory of the overall competition.

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His contract in the finals was facilitated by the fact that tough teammates Gleb Retivyh and Sergei Ustyugov dropped out of the race already in the batch stage.

– I was surprised that Retivyh and Ustyugov did not make it to the finals. Gleb’s failure, in particular, shocked him. Sergei may have new health problems, but I think Gleb lost due to a tactical error, Sports Express President of the Russian Ski Association, who evaluated the races Jelena Välbe said.

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