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Alert for a dangerous mobile virus that masquerades as a system update to steal and spy on you


This is one of the most sophisticated attacks against the Androdid (Google) operating system: it allows you to remotely control your victim’s phone

Applications downloaded from the Internet are largely responsible for threats against Android phones.
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Computer security experts have described it as the “most sophisticated” virus that exists for the Android operating system since it disguises itself as a system update but in reality it is a malicious program carefully designed to take control of your mobile phone. his victim, steal from him and access the data he has stored.

The malicious program reaches mobile phones through an application outside the official Android application store that once installed begins to communicate remotely with a server held by cybercriminals and displays notifications of false system updates.

The security threat has been discovered by Zimperium, who discovered that it is a spyware program that allows cybercriminals to remotely take control of victims’ mobile phones.

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Once contact is established, criminals can access message history, internet searches, browser bookmarks, phone-hosted information, and detailed contact list.

However, it can also turn your phone into a spy terminal with which to undermine the privacy of the owner of the mobile and those who accompany him.

The virus allows the criminal to manage the mobile phone remotely and can be used to record calls, ambient sound, activate the camera, monitor the location in real time and access the data that the user stored in the mobile phone without its owner being aware of it. notice nothing.

According to the criteria of

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