Aleksi made a 160-centimeter-long wandering joke and lo and behold, the safety distance has been taken into account.­

Virpoja from Leppävirta. This year we had a mask in use. The neighbors were really happy to have been sitting at home during this exceptional period. A happy mind for both the villagers of Näädänmaa and the 10-year-old spinner.­

Remote control point in the Niemi area in Tampere.­

Turning equipment in the spirit of the time in Kangasala.­

Surprises awaited the vipers on the branches of the plum tree in Turku.­

Flickering knives corona-safe in Sipoo. The occupants of the house were allowed to choose as they passed by as they wished.­

Thus, the long-awaited tradition of Easter was organized in Kurttila, Espoo.­

The solution seemed to work.­

“Virvon, varvon …” This is how vigor was handled in Lohja in exceptional circumstances.­