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Aleksandr Bolshunov sovereignly dominates the ski season – still far from the stars of biathlon in prize money – Biathlon

In biathlon, the prize amounts were also much higher this season than in cross-country skiing.

Biathlon the prize money is in its own caste compared to cross-country skiing.

In the 2020–2021 season, he earned 15,000 euros from winning the World Biathlon Championship. On the cross-country side, about 8,800 euros were credited to the account from the race win.

At the World Biathlon Championships, the individual medal with a gold medal earned 25,000 euros, while on the cross-country side, the corresponding amount was 15,000 euros.

International the biathlon association elegantly handled the corona winter competition season. All the races were taken through, so of course it also shows up in the athletes ’account bags.

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Norway received the most prize money during the biathlon season Tiril Eckhoff, who won the overall Women’s World Cup: € 386,000.

Second on the list is the Norwegian who won the men’s Cup overall Johannes Thingnes Bö: EUR 348 350. Next up is the men’s Cup second Sturla Holm Lägreid, 321,950 euros, and second in the Women’s Cup Marte Olsbu Röiseland, EUR 244 850.

As many as 22 athletes made more than 100,000 euros in biathlon. 36 biathletes crossed the 50,000 euro mark.

Eckhoff, 30, was ranked number one on the list, especially in his heyday, with a Norwegian earning around € 200,000 from a pot that grew to € 386,000 in the last month and a half.

Tiril Eckhoff was the number one star of the biathlon season and it is also visible in the Norwegian’s account bag.­

How Will the pot Eckhoff get built then? The most significant factors are listed below.

With the success of the World Cup, he raised a total of 88,200 euros. It consists of the wins of the fast and chase races (€ 25,000 per win), the co-start bronze (€ 14,000), the messages (message gold € 7,000, mixed message gold € 7,000 and double message silver € 5,500) and the World Cup Winner’s vest coins.

Eckhoff raised 217,000 euros for the World Cup’s individual competitions. 19,000 euros went from the World Cup messages to the account bag.

The winner of the World Cup received 28,000 euros and the winners of the sport 10,000 euros. Eckhoff won the overall standings in both the overall cup and the speed and chase races, knowing a total prize pool of € 48,000.

Johannes Thingnes Bö won the overall World Biathlon Championship.­

All in all The International Biathlon Association pays prize money of 7.4 million euros. The pot has nearly doubled in five years, thanks to lavish TV contracts.

Euros in the World Biathlon Cup were distributed to the top 20 in each race. For example, Germany Franziska Preuss did not win any races during the winter, but nevertheless settled for a nice 161,550 euros.

At the tail end of the leaderboards, big prize bonuses don’t stretch. When the Norwegians grabbed about two million euros from the World Cup and the Swedes more than 800,000 euros, the sums of the Finns totaled 5,150 euros: Mari Eder EUR 1 700 Tero Seppälä EUR 1 500, Tuomas Harjula EUR 1 250 and Olli Hiidensalo 700 euros.

In addition to the World Cup, the IBU awarded the winners of the European Championships and the IBU Cup. Heikki Laitinen was third in the IBU Cup for once and received 1,500 euros.

Biathlon the amount of rolling noise can be compared to cross-country skiing, for example, through top names.

Russian Aleksandr Bolshunov was in a class of its own in the World Cross Country Cup. With his success, the Cup earned just under € 200,000.

With his success in the World Cup, Bolshunov earned a prize money of about 33,600 euros. At the World Cross Country Championships, the top six in each trip received bonuses, so Bolshunov earned € 15,200 in Oberstdorf, a combined sprint bronze of 2,900, a 15-kilometer quadrant 3,800, a message silver of 2,200 and 50-kilometer silver of 9,500.

The International Ski Federation announces the prize amounts in Swiss francs, so in these calculations the amounts have been converted into euros to the nearest hundred euros.

Alexander Bolshunov’s period accommodated a wide range of upheavals, but also the first personal value victory of his career.­

Bolshunov therefore snapped a total of 233,600 euros in prize money. Women’s World Cup winner USA Jessie Diggins raised a total of 146,800 euros in prize money from the previous period.

Sovereign Bolshunov, the sovereign ruler of the World Cross-Country Skiing Cup, was thus left with more than 130,000 euros in prize money from the number one biathlon in Eckhoff.

What Bolshunov and Diggins have in common is that they won both the turn-of-the-year Tour de Skin and the overall World Cup.

About Finns of cross-country skiers earned the most this season Krista Pärmäkoski, the Cup and the World Championships together for about 24,800 euros.

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One of the Finnish highlights of the season: Krista Pärmäkoski (left) defeats the USA Jessie Diggins in the World Cup final.­

Other Finnish women earned as follows: Kerttu Niskanen EUR 4 800 Johanna Matintalo EUR 4 800 Jasmi Joensuu EUR 4 700 Laura Mononen EUR 1 200, Riitta-Liisa Roponen EUR 2 065 and Katri Lylynperä EUR 1,000.

The prize sums of Finnish athletes take into account the success bonuses of both Fis and the Finnish Ski Association. In addition to the amounts shown in this story, foreign athletes have been able to earn bonuses from, for example, their sports federations or sponsors.

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There was number one in Finnish men Iivo Niskanen: EUR 13 600.

Other Finns collected the following amounts: Ristomatti Hakola EUR 11 900, Joni Mäki EUR 11 500 Perttu Hyvärinen EUR 2 500 and Verneri Suhonen 800 euros.

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