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Alec Baldwin’s family was hit by a new baby just half a year after the previous birth – Hilaria’s wife’s image made her eyes rubbed – Entertainment

According to American media, the Hollywood star couple’s family was supplemented with a sixth child, even though less than half a year has passed since the couple’s Eduardo son was born.

Hollywood star Alec Baldwinin, 62, married to Hilaria Baldwin, 37, posted a picture with his children on his Instagram account on Monday. Pictured is Baldwin posing on the bed with six children, four of the elders smiling wistfully at the camera and the two youngest lying in his arms.

What is special about the picture taken by Alec Baldwin is that a sixth child has appeared in silence in the couple’s family, from which they have not sniffed the public with a word.

Although Baldwin’s Fifth Child Eduardo was born only in September less than six months ago, they have welcomed their sixth child based on the picture.

Page Sixin according to the couple refused to comment on their family addition in any way, but their close circle confirms the birth of the sixth child to the site. However, the source did not reveal how the little one could have been born just over five months after his big brother.

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The source also declined to say whether the family pit was adopted or born with the help of a surrogate mother.

So far, Baldwin’s Instagram account introductory text reads that there is a mother of five, not six.

In Someme, Baldwin’s surprising family addition was marveled out loud. Twitter was quickly flooded with posts wondering how Baldwin could have had a baby again.

– How did Hilaria Baldwin give birth to a baby six months after the previous birth? How is it possible? one woman wondered on Twitter.

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– How is that possible? Does she have a magic womb that will raise a baby in five months? another asked.

Back in November, Baldwin was of the opinion that five children should be enough, at least for now. He told Peoplefor the magazine, the corona pandemic had been a very exhausting time for his family and he felt because the couple’s children were full.

Last October, Baldwin, meanwhile, said she might be able to have more children, but didn’t say a word she was pregnant or planning to have children.

In addition to the newcomer and baby Eduardo, the Baldwin family includes a 2-year-old Romeo, 4-year-old Leonardo, 5 years old Rafael and 7 years old Carmen. In addition, Alec Baldwin has an adult Ireland-daughter of his union Kim Basingerin with.

At the turn of the year, Hilaria Baldwin was in the midst of a huge uproar as information seeped into the public, putting her whole life story in a very special light. Baldwin was alleged to portray a Spanish background in public, even though he was actually American, and soon the story swelled into global news.

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