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Alec Baldwin totally lost his nerve: slammed a furious response from those who wondered about his new “mystery baby” – Entertainment

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin introduced the newest member of their family on Tuesday. It didn’t please everyone, so the Hollywood star was flooded with sparse feedback.

Hollywood star Alec Baldwinin, 62, and his wife Hilaria Baldwinin, 37, fans rubbed their eyes on Tuesday when the couple announced a family addition on Instagram. Hilaria Baldwin posed on Instagram with six children and at the same time revealed that a new baby had arrived in the family just under half a year after the previous birth.

Baldwin’s announcement was astonishing, as Hilaria had not been pregnant and they did not say whether the child had been born with the help of a surrogate mother or had been adopted.

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The issue was marveled loudly on social media. Alec Baldwin’s Instagram account also garnered comments questioning the addition of a family.

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Some commentators suspected it was just a desperate attempt to get publicity. The accounts of Hilaria Baldwin’s lies about her roots were also brought to the fore

– Who’s the mother? She was not pregnant. She gave birth six months ago. So if it was a surrogate mother, tell me. If the baby has been adopted, tell so. If you don’t want to say anything, why don’t you stop constantly posting images and collecting click titles? That’s when you raise your hundred children privately, one commenter said.

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Surprisingly, Alec Baldwin rushed to the scene and responded to the critic’s comment. The actor seemed to have lost his nerve as his response was very skimpy.

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“You should plug your mouth and take care of your own affairs,” Baldwin replied.

Soon Baldwin also commented on another message he received.

– I believe people should just say luckily or hold their heads, he said.

A third commentator wondered why people were so malicious and hostile to Baldwin’s family addition. Baldwin had a ready answer to this as well.

– Because they’re not very smart. Americans are people who know the rest of the civilized world less about how to live a peaceful, healthy life, he tapped.

With Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram account, commenting isn’t enabled at all, so she’s spared a huge tangle of comments. Hilaria revealed in her account on Tuesday that the family’s new baby is a girl and her name is Lucia. All the children of the couple have a name in Spanish.

– We are so in love with our daughter Lucia. Just like your brother and sister, you have a dream come true, Hilaria wrote in a small picture.

PeopleThe source of the magazine revealed that little Lucia was born into the world with the help of a surrogate mother.

In addition to Lucia, the Baldwin family includes six months old Eduardo, 2 years old Romeo, 4-year-old Leonardo, 5 years old Rafael and 7 years old Carmen. In addition, Alec Baldwin has an adult Ireland-daughter of his union Kim Basingerin with.

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