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Alain Chabat will direct an animated series “Asterix” for Netflix

The filmmaker, actor and television man will be at the helm of this project initiated by the Albert René editions and the famous streaming platform.
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Netflix, streaming giant, and the Albert René editions, which publish the adventures of the famous Gaul, have teamed up for a 3D animated series for a “transposition of one of the very best albums of the saga created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo: The Battle of the Chiefs, published in 1966 “, Le Parisien announced Monday evening March 3 on its site.

The adaptation and realization of this “first animated series” around Asterix was entrusted to Alain Chabat who has already rubbed shoulders with the exuberant Gauls in the cinematographic field: he directed Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002), a film in which he also played Julius Caesar and which remains to this day the third greatest success of a French feature film at the French box office.

However, this project represents a new challenge and an unexplored world for Alain Chabat. If he has made five films since Didier (1997), he never worked in the field of animation. “Writing and directing an animated series has always been a dream. I am delighted to be able to do it with Asterix, of which I have been a fan for years! It promises to be an extraordinary adventure”, confided the former “Null” quoted by The Parisian. The original creation will be produced by Alain Goldman.

In The Battle of the Chiefs, the druid Panoramix becomes amnesic after having taken a menhir on the head. He no longer remembers the recipe for the magic potion at a critical moment for the Gallic village, under an imminent Roman threat … Part of the plot has already been adapted into a cartoon in a film directed by Philippe Grimond, Asterix and the menhir blow, released in 1989.

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