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AL: Ti-Ti Nallen Talo’s new premises became a special soap – a nasty surprise scrapped Riitta Korpela’s plans – Entertainment

According to Riitta Korpela, the Ti-Ti Nalle House withdrew from the project after she found out the real condition of the new premises. The mayor in charge of the facilities disagrees.

Last autumn, it was reported that Ti-Ti Nalle would move to new premises in Koskilinna, Hämeenkyrö. Riitta Korpelan the company run by Ti-Ti Nallen Talo was to open its new location last year.

Now Morning paper reported that the premises had become a special soap. According to the newspaper, the municipality of Hämeenkyrö announced on Friday that no joint solution was reached in the lease negotiations that began on the basis of a preliminary agreement made in October, and no agreement was reached.

Riitta Korpela tells the magazine that the plans were canceled after she found out the real condition of the Koskilinna property. According to Korpela, it was already known that there had been some problems in some of the properties, but he was told that the matter could be remedied by improving ventilation.

Korpelan says that the property began to be examined in more detail at his request and after the investigation, the Ti-Ti Teddy House decided to withdraw from the project.

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– We simply cannot go to premises that are not decent, Korpela tells Aamulehti.

Mayor of Hämeenkyrö Antero Allenius according to the majority, Korpela’s claims regarding the condition of the property are not true. According to Alenius, there are no significant problems in the 1,000-1,500 square meters of space that Ti-Ti Nalle House was to rent.

According to the mayor, Ti-Ti Production has known from the beginning that the property is not faultless in all respects.

– Indoor air problems have been observed mainly in premises that have not been offered for use by Ti-Ti Production, Alenius tells Aamulehti.

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The failure of the project is a great disappointment for both Korpela and Alenius.

The Ti-Ti Nalle family previously lived in Ikaalinen.­

Korpela said last autumn that he had long wanted the Ti-Ti Teddy Bear Family to have a place where teddy bears could meet all year round. According to him, Koskilinna seemed an ideal place for this purpose.

– The castle’s diverse setting, including a ballroom, restaurant, three-storey attic and adjoining sports hall, as well as a traffic park and skate ramp next to the castle, open up completely new opportunities for our operations. In addition, the location of the place in lovely rural and covered landscape, only about half an hour from Tampere is an ideal for us, Korpela rejoiced last October.

Mayor Alenius was also excited about the project and praised the fact that life was coming to Koskilinna.

– It is great that the nature and landscapes of Hämeenkyrö’s nearby countryside pleased the Nalle Family and we found a home for them in Koskilinna. With the new activity, the traditional house will return again after a break of years as a venue for local residents and families, Alenius said in a press release.

Ti-Ti Nalle’s operations began in Ikaalinen, where Riitta Korpela ran the Ti-Ti Nalle House for almost twenty years.

After Ti-Ti Nallen Talo, operations were temporarily transferred to outside entrepreneurs in Lempäälä Ideaparkki, where Ti-Ti Nallen Koti Oy’s operations ended until the license agreement expired in March 2020.

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