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Al-Hammadi: The necessity of separating real estate consulting and brokerage operations – local economy

The founder and CEO of “Al Rowad Real Estate”, Ismail Al Hammadi, called for a separation between real estate consultancy and real estate brokerage, stressing the need for advice for those wishing to acquire a property in light of the multiplicity of options and different real estate brands in the various Dubai market.

Al Hammadi explained that buying a house or real estate is the most important process that a person undertakes in his life, and in light of the bifurcation of laws, the diversity of options and the multiplicity of producers, real estate consultancy remains an important step for the buyer to achieve a successful purchase, especially in the multi-choice market and real estate brands such as the Dubai market.

He added that real estate consultancy is a specialized profession and a professional activity licensed by the real estate regulation in Dubai that has its own requirements and conditions, noting that it is not linked to the activity of real estate brokerage, as many real estate brokers do today who use real estate consultancy as a door to attract their clients.

Specifically, Al Hammadi said: “When you browse the search engines, you find real estate consulting in abundance, but not as a separate activity, such as legal or administrative advice, financial advice, etc., but as a gift or free dish offered by real estate brokerage companies to their clients with the aim of attracting them, as you find these companies promoting the provision of consulting services. Free real estate through its websites and social media platforms, deliberately using it as bait to hunt customers in the form of an added value that it provides to them, and this is inconsistent with the basics and conditions of this profession specified under the law regulating it.

Al-Hammadi explained that there are major real estate companies that provide real estate consultancy services, but as a separate service that has its price and has people who specialize in it and are interested in providing it according to scientific foundations, specific techniques and special conditions, the most important of which are mastery of the language of numbers and data analysis, the ability to read the market and determine its trends according to its past, present and future conditions and the base of presentation And the demand, and this is what this profession should in fact be, for it to be separate and have a value like other consulting services in other fields.

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Al Hammadi added: “There are more than 700 developers in Dubai, more than 1800 real estate brokerage offices, more than 5880 real estate brokers registered with the Land and Property Department, tens of thousands of investors and about 44 licenses carrying real estate consultancy activities, indicating the importance of real estate advisory services and their important role in Identifying the risks surrounding the real estate sector and reducing the possibility of their occurrence and making mistakes that may cause a decline in the performance of the real estate market in light of the increasing growth in the number of real estate development companies and the intensity of competition, which in turn leads to an increase in the pace of offering the real estate product.

Al-Hammadi emphasized the allocation of the real estate consultancy profession as a separate activity from real estate brokerage and other real estate activities due to the different standards of its practice and the weight of its size as a driving force for the real estate sector and the associated other economic sectors such as industry, entertainment, hospitality, tourism, trade and all related real estate facilities, especially at the level of storage spaces and office spaces. And hash.

He said in this regard: “Consulting has proven its usefulness in all fields, and without the feasibility of the consultation it would not have a price, and on top of which is the feasibility and importance of real estate consultancy, which must be reconsidered for its value and the strength of its influence in directing the real estate sector in general, as it is the nerve of the real estate sector and the cornerstone for the success The huge real estate projects and plans that contribute to the promotion of the sector’s activity and the fair distribution of investment portfolios in the regions of the emirate, as it is not only directed to those who want to buy a property and own it as the majority believes, but rather it is an important step for all activists in the real estate sector, including the developer, the real estate manager and even the real estate broker himself. He needs real estate advice that helps him determine the appropriate areas and real estate that should be targeted. “

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