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Al-Hammadi lectures on “the value of time for scholars” – Our Life – Culture

Within the activities and programs of the month of reading, under the title «Al Qasimia Reads», the Al Qasimia University hosted Dr. Issa Saleh Al Hammadi, Director of the Educational Center for the Arabic Language for the Gulf States in Sharjah, in a lecture he gave remotely the day before yesterday.

And it carried a general title, “A Journey with a Book”, in the center of which is “the value of time for scholars”, where Al-Hammadi referred to the idea of ​​the book and its methodology, where the author provides the reader with examples of previous scholars who have written for us the finest examples in achieving great achievements, by organizing their time and appreciating the value of time. So that they became flags and a reference in many fields and a gateway to science and knowledge, and were able to achieve the largest possible number of achievements in record, accurate and organized time.

The lecturer also referred to the areas and sources of the book that the author relied on from various topics (interpretation, hadith, jurisprudence, history, translations, men, countries, Arabic language, grammar, ethics, and others), as the authorship took 20 years in which the author collected an outcome of the readings. Reviews in science books on various topics included sayings and actions of the value of time for scholars.

Al-Hammadi then referred to a number of models for the value of time for scholars whose number of books reached more than 800 volumes, and some of them lived close to 90 years, and if the pages of their books were distributed over the days of their lives, the completion of each day would be approximately 14 papers. Our history in the value of time according to scholars and previous great: (Al-Khalil bin Ahmad Al-Farahidi, Al-Jahiz, Al-Fath bin Khaqan, Ibn Jarir, Ibn Aqil, Al-Biruni, Al-Nawawi, and Ibn Al-Nafis). Ibn Aqeel, for example, is his book “Arts” one of the greatest and greatest books in our history where The number of its volumes exceeded 800 volumes.

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