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Aki Manninen downloads direct words about feminists on Aki Linnanahti’s talk show – now explains why she doesn’t regret the comments she made about women – Entertainment

Aki Manninen says that in Aki Linnanahti’s talk show he stands behind his words.

Wellness entrepreneur and TV person Aki Manninen says fresh Aki Linnanahde Talk Show section their thoughts on publicity. Manninen recently got into a huge uproar as he loaded Survivors Finland after dropping out of the full-fledged camp of women.

Manninen called the women’s alliance of his tribe a “lady glossy club” and told TV cameras that he couldn’t intrigue with the women because “he has eggs”.

Mann was accused on social media of chauvinism and hatred of women.

Aki Linnanahde asks Published on YouTube in the talk show, what Manninen now thinks about what he says.

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– Yes, I have to say that if the world goes into such a model, then what else in reality programs dare to talk about? After all, it is not reality or entertainment, if it is not colored at all, Manninen tells Aki Linnanahte.

– So you want to say that in a certain way you pull according to the role of Aki Manninen? Linnanahde inquires.

Manninen explains to Linnanahti that she is very different at home from the TV entertainment programs.

– Here sits Aki Manninen, an entrepreneur and father, a straightforward guy who doesn’t want anything bad for anyone, Manninen says and continues:

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– When I throw a reality cap on me and jump into the stations to do entertainment, Aki Manninen makes certain language pictures that don’t hurt anyone there (in the descriptions). They are easily misunderstood in this misleading world, he describes.

Aki Linnanahde asks Manninen if he intentionally colored his words Survivors in Finland.

– Was it in some way a conscious choice for these rumors? You don’t go behind it because you were tired or had sleep debt? Linnamahde asks.

– Yes, everything was honest about Aki Manninen and I still stand behind every word, Manninen answers.

-I am a sensitive and warm home-dad. When I left here, I kissed the girls on the forehead, I also kissed the dog on the forehead. I love being at home and I love my family above all else, Aki Manninen says at Linnanahti’s talk show.­

He says on the talk show he left to do an entertainment program and market his wellness company.

– Of course, you had to get color and drama from the production, which was all fine. I was an extremely good competitor, but most of all I went to brand my company and myself, as well as create language images and thereby stay in people’s minds.

“I understand feminists too”

Aki Manninen says on Aki Linnanahti’s talk show that he was surprised at how he was accused of female hatred after the Survivors.

– I was surprised by the culture of feminism. How they try to make their voices heard in this darkening world and in the wrong way, Manninen says in the program.

– It was male hatred of me. What has driven a person to the point of having to look for negativity in a man’s sayings? he marvels.

Aki Manninen and his wife Rita Niemi-Manninen originally rose to publicity from the Temptation Island program. Since then, the couple has been seen on numerous TV shows.­

Manninen tells Linnanahti that he is in favor of equality, and he does not imagine that he is above women.

– If if everyone stayed on their toes. If I am a white, heterosexual male flesh-eating, so muakin tarvii understand. I understand feminists too, he tells Linnanahti.

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Aki Linnanahde tells Manninen directly that he finds the comments he makes about women silly.

– My opinion is that painting the sun as a hater of women is completely overwhelming. It doesn’t even go lawless, but far into the pine forest. That is my view on this. At the same time, I think there were a lot of statements in it that were junctions and silly, Linnanahde says in the program.

– Certainly. There you can find that color. If naming a glossy club is a junta, then I stand behind it today. I stand behind every statement. I Sevens fiver, I do nothing kakstonninen, 45-year-old Manninen says, and refers to the year of birth.

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