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Airline pilot, heartily

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                They never thought they were unemployed.  A year and a half of Covid-19 and here they are at forced rest.  18,000 airline pilots in Europe have been or are in the process of being made redundant.  The profession lacks morale.  All the more so since air traffic is not expected to return to normal before 2024. So, to become an airline pilot, what good is it?

                                    <p>Where do we find today this young Australian airline pilot, an employee of Qantas, the most prestigious Australian company?  In the local supermarket.  Employed part-time, in the evening he combines hours of supervision on a construction site.

In the midst of a pandemic, this other American driver became a truck driver. He does not lose his humor, driving for the sake of driving, he says, as much as it is a heavyweight!

300 euros per month, compensation from the company Buzz (Ryanair)

Unemployment first affects young recruits. This crisis in the airline sector following the closure of borders is causing damage above all to the staff of low-cost companies and especially abroad.

Because in France, the government has introduced partial unemployment. Olivier Rigazio, spokesperson for the National Union of Airline Pilots and pilot himself, considers himself lucky. ” I continue to exercise in real condition regularly, he explains. For Air France, I still regularly cross the Atlantic with devices no longer dedicated to passengers but to freight transport. France has limited the breakage. Our salaries have dropped from 25 to 30 %. Elsewhere in Europe, it is catastrophic. On average, pay slips are cut by 80 %. Another pilot friend of mine explained to me that he only has 300 euros a month to support his family. »

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In 2019, tourism and business travel flourishing, there was a shortage of well-trained pilots. How far is this world from before, where this shortage pushed recruiters to poach army pilots.

It takes 5 years to train a good airline pilot. Young people who enter school will not fly large aircraft until 2025, 2026. For those who were just at the end of their training cycle, this aviation crisis has been a tragedy. They are no longer a priority despite hiring promises and may already be too old to benefit from the latest technological changes.

Decline in applications to the National Pilot School

Philippe Joachim, deputy director of the National School of Civil Aviation, recognizes a drop in requests. However, he is not worried. Long before the crisis, public demand for more climate-friendly aircraft had already changed habits. Aviation as it exists today will never be relevant again.

According to him, it is the new devices that will make young people want to fly again: “ It is true that this Covid-19 crisis will not encourage companies to recruit this year. Here at ENAC [École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile], he adds, we are training Royal Air Maroc pilots and this year the demand has dropped sharply. But in Southeast Asia, they will remain important. The future is positive, the new Airbus planes will be equipped with different engines and flight procedures. There is a bright future for our engineers and pilots. »

The anguish continues

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Asked for Global flight, an aeronautical studies institute, 82% of pilots in the world, pilots who are not beginners but already well experienced, declare their fear of losing their job in the coming months. It is to counter their anxieties that certain large companies have opened psychological cells. In short, maintain their mental agility as well as their technical flexibility.


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