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Ahmad Massoud follows the path traced by his father



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On Saturday March 27, a Parisian alley was named in tribute to Commander Massoud, a “freedom fighter” according to Anne Hidalgo, the mayor (PS) of Paris. Ahmad, the son of the Afghan military leader, is engaged in fighting the same battles as his father.
It was a “freedom fighter whose face, whose fight, whose words still inspire us today, in Afghanistan but also here, in Paris”, said Anne Hidalgo, the mayor (PS) of Paris. Since Saturday March 27, an alley in the capital bears the name of Commander Massoud, an Afghan military leader who stood up to the Soviets and then the Taliban and disappeared in a suicide bombing (attributed to Al-Qaeda) on September 9, 2001.

Present in France for this inauguration, Ahmad Massoud looks a lot like his father. Physically, on the one hand. But also in the speech. He imagines that the transition to a moderate Islamic government is still possible. It is for this reason that he is rebuilding a movement inspired by the Northern Alliance, where the famous commander wrote his legend. But the road is long, because Afghanistan is a country bruised by its divisions and the radicalism of its extremists. Ahmad Massoud’s challenge is ambitious: to restore political stability, even if it means taking up arms if necessary.

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