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Aging electric cars are already confusing the situation in garages – “it can be difficult to separate rumors from facts” – Cars

Part of the workshop industry is just waking up to electric cars. The best and clearest situation is, at least so far, in brand repair shops.

The number of electric and hybrid cars in the Finnish vehicle fleet is growing at an accelerating pace.

In the automotive sector, this means that both car dealerships and repairers are increasingly serving the customer who is driving an electric vehicle or is considering purchasing one.

– The need for training in the electric industry is great, and it has grown exponentially in recent years with the growth of the electric vehicle fleet, says the director Frans Malmari From Diagno Finland Oy.

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In addition to his own work, Malmari is also a member of the Finnish Automobile Federation’s electric car working group.

– There are also a considerable number of workshops that are not prepared to repair electric vehicles. Some mechanics have an excellent level of expertise and some do not have it yet in terms of electric and hybrid car technology. The dispersion in both sales and repair shops is still large, Malmari states.

Authorized repairers must have the know-how required by the car manufacturer, when a large number of car manufacturers already have electric or hybrid vehicles in their range.

– The expertise in these repair shops is certainly at a good level. The brand-independent workshop sector, including damage repair shops, is just beginning to wake up to the issue, Malmari opens.

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According to Malmar, challenges will increasingly be faced as the electric vehicle fleet ages.

– In this case, the vehicles begin to appear to be repaired, which may not yet have been taken into account. Repairs may need to be carried out in a workshop that does not have all the necessary equipment to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, in which case more or less will have to be applied.

– It is essential to have a good basic knowledge of the basics of electrical engineering and then to deepen our knowledge of electric vehicle technology in order to understand what is being done, to be able to adapt our own operations in a way that corresponds to the situation and to avoid dangerous situations, Malmari continues.

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