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After years, Pete Parkkonen found out where his dark features come from – an incredible story in the background – TV & movies

Pete Parkkonen has pondered all his life where his dark features come from. The mystery is solved in My Family Secrets.

Tonight Sukuni salad In the episode of the program, the singer becomes acquainted with his or her own family tree Pete Parkkonen. Parkkonen wants to find out who his grandfather is and whether this is perhaps still alive.

Parkkonen’s father never knew his own biological father, and thus Parkkonen’s grandfather’s identity has been a great mystery to this day. Consequently, Parkkonen also never knew where he and his father came from Kari Parkkonen dark features are inherited.

– Yes, my parents have tried to find out and that’s how my parents have thought about it and googled it a bit. Of course it would be wonderful to know. I’d like to know if he lives. Where is he, does he have children …, Parkkonen reflects on the program.

– Yes, I am most interested in where I inherited this skin color. Once you know where it has come from you know what culture it is and what has been around it. Whether it’s music or sports nearby, for example, he continues.

Throughout his life, Pete Parkkonen has pondered the origins of his dark features.­

Parkkonen sets out to find out his grandfather’s identity together with the presenter Marja Hintikan with. One of the few clues is Parkkonen’s father’s birth certificate, in which Parkkonen’s grandmother once wrote the name Pierre.

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In the program, Parkkonen says that he also did a DNA test to find out his own genetic inheritance. It became clear to Parkkonen that he had Nigerian blood. However, it doesn’t take the duo very far in their quest.

Parkkonen also had an advertisement for Tivoli, which arrived in Jyväskylä in the 1950s. The ad also mentioned an orchestra formed by dark-skinned people who would perform with Tivoli. Parkkonen’s grandmother lived in the city at the time and the date shown in the ad also sat on the timeline formed by Parkkonen and Hintika.

The clues lead in the footsteps of Parkkonen and Hintika musician Pierre Rassin.­

Eventually, Parkkonen and Hintikka, with the help of experts, find out a name that could possibly belong to Parkkonen’s grandfather. Next, they headed to the Kerava Art Museum to meet a circus researcher Heikki Nevala. Nevala had found out that Parkkonen’s French grandfather Pierre Rassin was as if he had arrived in Finland in the 1950s as a circus artist. Rassin was 29 at the time.

Eventually, Parkkonen and Hintikka travel to Pihtiputaa to Parkkonen’s childhood home to meet his father, Kari. Parkkonen tells his father everything they had found out with Hintika.

– You were born 54. In 53, only one person with this name came to Finland. Based on that, such a work permit was found. Here is Sun’s father’s name, Sun’s father’s birthday, Sun’s father’s citizenship and Sun’s father’s profession, Parkkonen tells his father.

Parkkonen wants to find out who his grandfather is.­

Hintika will soon have more good news for Parkkos. He had found out that Pierre Rassin was from the island of Martinique, which is part of France. According to Hintika, Rassin had volunteered during World War II and remained in Paris since then. Since then, however, Rassin has dedicated his life to music and art.

– A thousand things fall into place, Parkkonen sighs after hearing Hintika’s news.

Next, Hintikka digs a vinyl album from her bag, with Parkkonen’s grandfather on the cover. The album makes both Parkkonen and his father burst into tears. Together with Hintika, they listen to the songs on the album.

Rassin was a musician, as was his grandson.­

Parkkonen’s grandfather died in 2006. However, Hintikka had found this memoir. Rassin died at the age of 83 of heart failure. However, the latest news, Hintikka reveals to Parkkonen’s father that he has a sister in France.

In addition to Parkkonen, they dive into the past of their family in the My Family Secrets program Krista Kosonen, Jukka Jalonen, Pete Parkkonen, Summer Steel neck, Aku Hirviniemi, Jukka Hildén, Maria Veitola, Anne Kukkohovi, Hjallis Harkimo and Maria Guzenina.

My family secrets on Mondays at 8pm on MTV3.

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