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After SVT’s revelation: The Catholic Church is examined again

I am surprised and think it is sad that there are people who do not seem to take responsibility in this pandemic. We know that we are in a very serious situation in the pandemic and especially serious in Jönköping, says Johanna Hänninen, who is head of supervision for covid- 19 at the County Administrative Board in Jönköping.

Questions via email

In an email to the county administrative board, the parish management writes that the services are held in three different rooms with a large screen and in the church room and that there may be a maximum of eight in each room. It is enough for the county administrative board to decide to close the case without action.

Is it a sufficient investigation method to ask questions via email?

– Yes, it is a method we use quite a lot because we are in a pandemic. We also supervise on site when we feel it is needed.

When SVT visited the church on Sunday, we could see at least fifty people on site and the pastor told us that during this morning’s three services there were a total of 300-400 people on site.

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Father Joseph Maria Nilsson Photo: Ulrica Abrahamsson
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You got tips about this already in February. Have you taken your responsibility?

– Yes, we made a decision based on the information we had then. After seeing the report, we realize that it is not true. I will now contact our administrators and our lawyers and start a new supervisory case here.

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