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Adviser to the Russian Defense Minister told how to defeat the United States in the “mental war”

During a roundtable at the Federation Council, Advisor to the Russian Defense Minister Andrei Ilnitsky told how the Russian side could defeat the United States in a “mental war”.

Reported by RIA Novosti.

According to him, Russia will defeat the United States in a “mental war” if it shows will and, relying on the state ideology, will attack the enemy in his vulnerable spots.

“It is necessary, firstly, to represent the enemy, and secondly, to attack along the joints, according to weaknesses, understanding where the factors of strength are, and where there are some vulnerabilities,” he said.

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Along with this, the adviser to the minister suggested breaking the algorithms existing among the Americans and establishing “their own rules” in this confrontation.

“For them, rules are everything. Well, let’s set our own rules, break their algorithms. These are not slogans, these are technologies, believe me, ”Ilnitsky added.

He also pointed out that already along the perimeter of Russia, especially from the western direction, there is a network of centers for conducting both information and cyber operations against the Russian side.

Earlier, Ilnitsky already told in an interview with the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” that the West, led by the United States, unleashed a “mental war” against Russia, the consequences of which will manifest themselves at least in a generation.

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