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Adnan came to Sweden as an architect – got a job as a work coach

When Adnan Sultan was about to graduate from high school, the labor market shouted for architects. You could both work for the state and choose to start your own. This made Adnan choose to study architecture.

Then he did not know that he would be forced to flee the war in Syria and come to Sweden where the architectural profession is not at all in demand in the same way as in his home country.

Temporary asylum law and housing shortage

Adnan Sultan knows many immigrants with a university education who work in cleaning or industry. He believes that many are forced into jobs that do not suit them due to several reasons.

– The temporary asylum law, which says that you must have a permanent job to stay in Sweden, means that people can say yes to anything, says Adnan Sultan.

Lacks work experience

Another reason, according to him, is the housing shortage that prevails in the big cities. For architects, for example, the labor market looks brighter in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö – cities where Adnan has difficulty finding housing.

– Then there were many, just like me, who were forced to move immediately after they graduated. So we lack work experience and then it is difficult to compete with others, he says.

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