Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Home Business Adela Cortina: "Fueling the conflict to get some votes is criminal"
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Adela Cortina: “Fueling the conflict to get some votes is criminal”

The Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia proposes in cosmopolitan ethics (Paids) the civic umbrella necessary to overcome the pandemic. Defend sanity “in the face of division”



  • Aporophobia, the new evil of our time. Why we hate the poor
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    Angus Deaton “People were more proud of being a miner than they are now of working in an Amazon warehouse”

If in his previous essay on aporophobia he investigated the causes and effects of rejection of the poor, in cosmopolitan ethic (Paids) la filsofa Adela Cortina (Valencia, 1947) advocates the need for lcivil society, which sees each more manipulable and obedient, participate in decision-making when facing major global challenges, such as the pandemic or climate change. In his opinion, the visible hand of the State is not enough: it is necessary, for the first time in history, a

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