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Actress Armie Hammer accused of rape – 24-year-old woman speaks in public about creepy details about her relationship with the star – Entertainment

The 24-year-old woman accuses Armi Hammer of raping her in the spring of 2017.

Police are investigating the actor Armie Hammeriin allegations of rape, he says CNN.

According to American media EffieThe woman named Hammer claims to have raped her in 2017. She says she feared for her life.

According to CNN, the 24-year-old woman had met Hammer via Facebook. The woman said at a news conference on Thursday that she was in love with Hammer and a romantic relationship developed between the couple.

The woman said at the press conference that Hammer had been charming and polite at the beginning of the relationship. Soon, however, he began to behave violently.

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– Now, afterwards, it is clear that he was trying to manipulate and control me. He tested my loyalty by testing my limits. Gradually, she became more and more violent, a woman named Effie said.

According to the woman, Hammer raped her in April 2017. According to the woman, the rape lasted several hours.

– I was in shock, and I couldn’t believe the person I loved did that to me.

The woman described at the press conference that Hammer had broken her mentally and physically during the relationship. The woman said her mental health had plummeted and she had suicidal thoughts.

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Armie Hammer denies the woman’s claims.

Actress Armie Hammer is known for, among other things, Call Me By Your Name.­

The actor’s lawyer Andrew Brettler has told American media Hammer has several messages on his phone that testify to the star that he and the 24-year-old had sex in consensus.

Hammer, 34, found himself in the midst of a huge uproar in January when detailed messages about sex fantasies were posted on social media. The messages were allegedly written by Hammer.

The messages contained a harsh description of rape fantasies, among other things.

Numerous Hammer’s ex-girlfriends have reported in public that the star behaved violently during the relationship. Some have said Hammer has pressured them into violent sex.

The star’s ex-wife has said in public that she was unaware of her husband’s violent fantasies.

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