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Activating the “speed reduction” to 80 km while in dust in Abu Dhabi – local – other

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command confirmed that it has activated the system of reducing the speed on the roads to 80 kilometers per hour in four cases (dust, fog, rain and wind), calling on drivers to change the speed, especially during the current period that witnesses the formation of dust, the accumulation of dust, and the blowing of strong winds. What may affect the level of horizontal vision.

In April 2019, Abu Dhabi Police began implementing a decision requiring drivers to drive vehicles at a reduced speed on the roads, during volatile weather conditions, explaining that the speed of radar control in those circumstances is the speed that is determined on signs and traffic signs, or smart towers installed on the roads, or by Text messages, or any other means that the competent authority deems necessary to inform the public in a timely manner.

She drew attention to the role of electronic panels in reducing speeds on those roads, so that “modified” speeds at the time of low visibility become the legal speeds for traffic, until the horizontal visibility is clear, and then return to the speeds shown on the traffic signs, in order to enhance the safety and security of drivers at those times. .

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that reducing the speed during fluctuating weather conditions is a preventive measure aimed at reducing traffic accidents that occur due to the lack of visibility on the roads, and drivers must on their own initiative reduce the speed to 80 kilometers per hour when seeing fog or dust and dust accumulation. Protection for themselves and road users.

The Head of the Safe City Department in Abu Dhabi Police, Major Eng. Ahmed Sorour Al Shamsi, called on drivers to adhere to safe driving during weather fluctuations and the formation of fog, dust and dust accumulation, pointing out that activating the speed reduction system in acceptable weather conditions aims to ensure the safety of all road users.

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He explained that the speeds are displayed on the electronic panels on the smart gates and on the traffic signs, which are electronic panels located on the right of the road, and also warning text messages are sent through the early warning system, in which the new speeds are displayed.

For his part, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, said that the spring season witnesses air disturbances, usually from mid-March to early May, due to the wide thermal differences between the air masses that affect the region and between the surface of the Earth and the upper air layers, as they work. However, there are frequent air instabilities during this period.

He pointed out that with the “Sarayat” season, the dry and moderately hot northern winds become active, reaching a speed of 50 km / hour or higher, and stirring up large amounts of dust and sandstorms, especially in the desert and open areas.

He explained that the spring transition period is characterized by rapid and continuous weather fluctuations, and a multiplicity of wind directions, adding that “what distinguishes this period is also the rapid formation of cumulus clouds during a period ranging between half an hour and an hour, after which heavy thunderstorms fall in a short period, accompanied by violent winds that do not stabilize. A certain direction, and cumulonimbus clouds come suddenly. ”

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The “Sarayat” may be accompanied by waves of dust, which causes people with chest allergies to suffer during this period, or the spread of locusts in some areas, along with the insects of the ramma and palm weevil.

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