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Accused of rape, the opponent Christopher Kayumba denounces a campaign of destabilization

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                While he recently launched the Rwandan Platform for Democracy, a new opposition party not yet registered with the authorities, former university professor Christopher Kayumba is accused of attempted rape and sexual assault.  Heard by investigators on Tuesday March 23, he claims to be the subject of propaganda aimed at sullying his reputation.

                                    <p><span><span><span><em><span><span>With our correspondent in Kigali, </span></span></em><strong><span><span>Laure broulard</span></span></strong></span></span></span>

According to the Rwandan Bureau of Investigation, the complaint was filed in early March by a former student of Christopher Kayumba, for facts dating from 2017. But it is in the press and on Twitter that the case broke out, shortly after the announcement of the creation of the new opposition party of the former professor.

Christopher Kayumba denounces false accusations and propaganda aimed at sullying his reputation.

He also denounces the arrest on March 21 of another member of his party, Jean-Bosco Nkusi, an arrest confirmed by the Rwandan Bureau of Investigations. His spokesperson Thierry Murangira specifies, however, that Jean-Bosco Nkusi is accused of aggravated theft and usurpation of office, for having extorted, alongside five other suspects, around 900 euros from a trader. The two cases have nothing to do with the political activities of the two defendants, he said.

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In Rwanda, almost all registered parties are allies to the RPF of Paul Kagame. Christoper Kayumba has not yet filed an application for registration of his opposition party, but he remains optimistic about its authorization.

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