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Home Sport Above Karlsson Olympic charger at high altitude: "A risk"
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Above Karlsson Olympic charger at high altitude: “A risk”

At the same time, national team manager Anders Byström says that Swedish high-altitude planning can be affected by the pandemic development and when the riders are vaccinated.

It is a rainy Falun and Frida Karlsson is not happy with Sunday’s race in the Swedish Cup which gave her a second place, 25 seconds behind Ebba Andersson. Therefore, Frida Karlsson prefers to talk about the upcoming Olympics and the special conditions as the courses run at an altitude of 1,700 meters.

– I do not have much experience of high altitude, so this feels something special. Sure, there is a risk of being very high altitude because it puts more strain on the body. But someday I have to do it and I think it’s good for me to start that work now considering what awaits the Olympics. Here it is important to be smart. But I have not had any horror experiences of high altitude, says Frida Karlsson according to TT.

Little experience

Karlsson says that she does not have much experience of competing at high altitude and therefore highlights her coach Per Nilsson. He has knowledge about this after his time as a coach for the USA biathlon national team.

– I am very grateful to have him and can share his experiences. We now have a vision of what the coming year should look like, she says.

She wants to have three high-altitude camps in Europe. One in early summer, one in late summer and one just before the start of the season.

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– I have understood that it is very important to enter such a camp in the right way. You must not be too stressed in the body. To get the best effect, you have to go in and out of the camp in the right way.

Karlsson will now present his high-altitude wishes to the national team management. At the same time, it is with great anticipation that she looks forward to the upcoming Olympic tracks:

– I have heard that the tracks contain very nice slopes with nice slopes. Things that I like and that fit my leg length.

New for Kalla

Even for Charlotte Kalla, the Olympics will be a new experience. She has never before done a championship at high altitude:

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– It is important not to make a high-altitude recharge just the weeks leading up to the Olympics, but this is something that must be planned throughout the autumn. With several days at high altitude. This will be a challenge that is something new for many of us in the national team, says Kalla.

National team manager Anders Byström says that the national team management must include individual wishes and views for the coming season, which will be characterized by high altitude:

– We will look at what everyone has for different conditions and based on that plan for how the camps will be implemented, Byström says.

He explains that all national team skiers come to the high altitude camps at the same time, but have different training arrangements depending on how they cope with the high altitude.

Waiting for the syringe

But the current pandemic has already affected the camp program:

– We had planned a high-altitude camp in the spring, but the situation in Europe has not improved. That is why we are aiming for at least two camps this autumn and one this winter. Before the Olympics, we envisage a high-altitude camp in Europe and then go directly to Beijing, Byström says.

Byström now hopes that the vaccinations will start in earnest, which would mean a lot for the Olympic preparations.

– We have no sour cream in the vaccination queue, but have to wait like everyone else. Therefore, we can not count on getting the syringe until the autumn. We have to count and plan because it will take time.

CLIP: Frida Karlsson takes World Cup bronze after sprint (March 6, 2021)

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Frida Karlsson takes the bronze after the sprint

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