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Abascal disembarks in Andalusia to shake the Government of ‘stability’ of the PP and Citizens

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 – 12:52

He intervenes this Wednesday in Seville with the aim of revitalizing the party in one of its fiefdoms for the regional elections next year, in which Macarena Olona is emerging as a candidate

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Santiago Abascal, during a rally held in Seville in November 2018.

  • Strategy.

    Vox marks its territory to distance itself from the Andalusian Government in the second half of the legislature

  • Departure.

    Judge Francisco Serrano leaves his seat in Parliament and denounces “attacks” by Vox

Santiago Abascal disembark this Wednesday in Sevilla with the aim of stirring up the political debate and reactivating its electorate in a community, Andalusia, with a PP-Cs coalition government employed in recent days to shield its pact against national turbulence.

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The president of Vox offers a meeting-press conference at noon in the Plaza Nueva in Seville a few meters away where the national deputy of this same party, Macarena Olona, was uncovered on February 28, Da de An


, as a possible candidate for the Presidency of the Board in next year’s elections. Although the Government of

Juanma Moreno placeholder image

has been conspired to guarantee stability in the remainder of the legislature, the open crisis in relations between the PP and Ciudadanos in the last week, after the

motion of censure



and the breakdown of the Government in


, they have unleashed a pre-electoral fever from which Andalusia is not left out. This acceleration of political times catches Vox without a clear leadership in Andalusia, after the

march of their ranks


Francisco Serrano

, whom the Justice investigates for the alleged diversion of a subsidy from the Ministry of Industry. His successor at the head of the parliamentary group,

Alejandro Hernndez

, with a much more tempered and conciliatory profile than that of the magistrate, he has not just become a clear reference in a party that does not want to lose the convening capacity that he demonstrated in the 2018 autonomic elections, when he placed his first 12 deputies in a Parliament . That Andalusia is one of the places where Vox is stronger was confirmed in the general elections of November 2019, in which

he was about to surpass the PP

. The party then got 870,000 votes, just 7,000 of the


. After the crisis with Judge Serrano and taking advantage of the turbulence in Ciudadanos, the idea that Vox seeks to revitalize its image and its discourse has gained strength by renewing the message, tightening the nuts of its relationship with the Andalusian Government and, probably, promoting the candidacy de Olona, ​​deputy in Congress for Granada but without any direct link with the community. “At Vox none of the party members, who are a family, are to occupy public seats or demand responsibilities, but rather we are where we are asked to be and we do not shirk any responsibility,” Olona said after his recent visit to Seville during a interview in Canal Sur. Then, Alejandro Hernndez himself affirmed that she will be “a good candidate”, although without confirming that those are the party’s plans for this state attorney who has become one of the main references of Vox. For now, Olona seeks to have a place and headlines in the regional press forcing its identification with local symbols. Without going any further, the deputy was photographed and disseminated, apparently without permission from the Brotherhood, in the Macarena dressing room in Seville, where only distinguished guests enter, which has caused a certain stir among the brothers. And, although she is not the first political leader to make a pilgrimage to the Basilica to be photographed with the image of the Virgin – she did, for example,

Mariano Rajoy

-, the gesture has been interpreted as an act already from a distant pre-campaign. During the rally in Seville on February 28, Olona took for granted that the next Andalusian Government, like the imminent Madrid Government, will come out of a PP pact with Vox and some councilors


they already refer with a certain sarcasm to the deputy as the “vice president.”

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