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A workout you may not have tried – can even double your pace of development – Feel good

Boost your strength gains, reduce stress and increase testosterone with image training – works well.

Mental training is often seen as a futile smile. It would not be worthwhile, namely, it has been researched that it can even double your pace of development in practice. And best of all, it also reduces stress and raises your testosterone levels.

The power of mental training for the test

The researchers divided the kickboxing team into two parts. The other outfit did all the physical workouts. Power movements such as bench press and squat, squat jumps and exercise ball throws.

Another group did self-talk exercises between sets of training movements and post-workout imagery exercises in which they imagined doing the movements as effectively as possible.

After six weeks, it was time to do tests of exercise movements again and also measure changes in the natural hormones that indicate the level of stress in the body. The group that did the mental training alongside the physical training actually crushed the group that did the mere physical training in the results.

Simple exercises that develop self-talk, or internal sound, during exercise can even double the rate of development.­

The group that did mental training alongside physical training developed squat jumping by 16.2 per cent and the group that did only training by 8.4 per cent. Mental training thus almost doubled the pace of development. For example, bench press developed 26.5 per cent in the group with mental training and 15.7 per cent in the group with physical training alone.

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The testosterone-cortisol ratio, which indicates the state of body stress, dropped by 60 percent in the group that used mental training, and it increased slightly in the group that did training alone. This suggests that physical and mental stress was significantly higher in those who did physical exercise alone. This also explains your assumption of poorer training results.

This is how you use the information in fitness

The developmental effect of mental training and the alleviation of stress variables can be exploited by anyone.

In fitness, you can do the following:

Self call: Talk to yourself about things that emphasize successful performance during exercise series of muscle fitness movements. For example, “Weighing is easy for me. This regular training develops me noisy and I get two more reps in the next set than last time. ” On the jog, you can speak to yourself, “This hill is gentle and I climb it up like an elevator. My legs are light and I breathe deeply. It is like a train. ”

Imagination training: You can go through the upcoming workout in your mind before training. How you succeed in performance and how it feels good afterwards. After your workout, you can still close your eyes and imagine yourself doing the movements even better than you did in the previous workout.

Then just take advantage of this powerful tool!


Slimani ym. 2017. Effects of mental training on muscular force, hormonal and physiological changes in kickboxers. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. Jul-Aug 2017;57(7-8):1069-1079

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