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a test concert for 5,000 people in Barcelona



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What if it was possible to live with Covid-19, while reconnecting with the life before? This is what happened on Saturday March 27 at Barcelona in Spain. 5,000 lucky people attended a standing rock concert, without social distancing, and all for science.
They hadn’t experienced these sensations for over a year. Saturday March 27 at Barcelona in Spain, a test concert brought together 5,000 people, without safety distances, but masked. At the exit, the happiness was shared by all. “It was great, the culture for sure!“, a spectator goes into ecstasy.”It was fabulous, it touched my heart“, assures another.”That moment you’re with the song, you jump, you look at the sky like there is no Covid“, delighted one last. All had carried out an antigen test a few hours earlier to avoid contagions.

It is a good hope for the future of culture. By doing the antigenic tests plus the change of air and the wearing of the mask, we managed to prove that these three very important points were safe to avoid cases of Covid in a theater.“, explains Boris Revollo, the doctor in charge of the project. Negative result in pocket, the public hurried well before the opening of the doors, with the desire to help a sector in crisis.

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