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Home World a suitcase containing 185 baby turtles discovered at the Galapagos airport
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a suitcase containing 185 baby turtles discovered at the Galapagos airport

The turtles were discovered on Sunday during a routine inspection, Ecuador’s environment ministry said.
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A macabre discovery. Representatives of the airport and the Galapagos National Park (PNG) found in a suitcase around 185 specimens of turtles, including ten dead, which were to be transported from the archipelago to the mainland, reported Sunday (March 28) the ministry of the Ecuadorian environment.

“At Baltra airport, 185 hatched turtles were detected in a suitcase which was being transferred to mainland Ecuador”, the ministry announced on Twitter.

The ministry specifies that the discovery took place “during a routine inspection” and that the police and prosecutors “take action”, without giving more details.

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“The age of the turtles does not exceed three months and their shell is extremely young”, said the Galapagos airport in a statement, which makes it difficult to locate the original location of these turtles, each species being different depending on its island of origin. They were wrapped in plastic bags and ten of them did not survive, according to the statement.

Environment Minister Marcelo Mata denounced in a tweet “these crimes against the fauna and natural heritage of Ecuadorians” and said he was convinced that these facts “will be punished with all the rigor provided for by the regulations in force”. Illegal wildlife trafficking is a crime punishable by one to three years in prison under Ecuadorian law.

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