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A spectacular task with heavily equipped police officers in Korso, Vantaa – Finland

A call came to the emergency center from a gun pulled out of the apartment in Leppäkorvi, Vantaa.

Eastern Uusimaa the police had a task that looked good in leppäkorvi, vantaa, on early evening on saturday, which was guaranteed not to go unnoticed by passers-by.

There were several police cars on the scene, among them at least two armored vehicles, as well as a lot of heavily equipped police officers with shields, helmets, visors, bulletproof vests, and guns.

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The police were fully equipped.­

Director General of the Eastern Uusimaa Police, Commissioner Asko Sartanen said the initial impetus for the police operation was a call to the emergency center that a gun had been pulled out of an apartment on Hirvitie.

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There were several police units present, including armored vehicles.­

– We went to inspect this apartment. The situation posed no danger to outsiders at any point. The inspection is now over, Sartanen said.

Ilta-Sanomat according to an eyewitness interviewed, traffic to the Hirvites was interrupted for a while as a police car parked across the road.

According to an eyewitness, two people were taken to the police cars.

Traffic to Hirvitie had been cut off for a while.­

– Maija’s back doors were open, and one person was taken in. I was so far away that I couldn’t tell if he was a man or a woman. Another Maija saw closer. Inside was a man who was spoken to by three police officers, an eyewitness said.

An armored police car was also seen earlier on Saturday in Hakunila. The cases are not related.­

Earlier on Saturday, the police of Eastern Uusimaa had a slightly similar task in Hakunila. There, too, police went to inspect one apartment, and an armored vehicle was present.

– There are no indications that these cases are related, Sartanen said.

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