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a short circuit store sells products from local farmers


Video length: 3 min.

France 3

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J. Mimouni, L. Haedrich, C. Baume F. Fontaine, drone: David Humeau

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France 3

France Televisions

For a year, the French have never been so popular with short circuits. In Mortagne-sur-Sèvre, in Vendée, six farmers have opened a shop which employs around fifty farms.
In Vendée, in a supermarket almost like any other, there are fresh vegetables, a butcher’s department, dairy products, but also dried vegetables, herbal teas, jams … Six farmers have created this store, located in Mortagne-sur -Weaned. “We are responding to consumer demand, with around fifty producers bringing their products to us.“, explains Damien Roy, one of the partners. The products are grown less than 100 km from the store.

Laurence Ragueneau, mushroom producer, is satisfied. “The good thing is that the price is really what you want to see displayed in the store.“, she rejoices. The latter sells her organic mushrooms six euros more expensive than what a conventional supermarket would give her.”Our fifty producers set the price and the store takes a margin to operate the loads“, adds Damien Roy. More expensive than a classic supermarket, but customers appreciate it.”It comes from the area so at least we know what we eat“, says one of them.

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