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A plumbing break in the home of an elderly person in a service house caused a water bill of 225,000 euros – police launch an investigation into lobbying activities – Taloussanomat

A dispute over a water bill of about 225,000 euros for an uninhabitable detached house that has been vacant for years in Punkaharju, Savonlinna, leads to a police investigation.

Criminal Commissioner Jouni Väisänen Regarding the police in Eastern Finland, Ilta-Sanomat is confirmed that the police have decided to launch a preliminary investigation into the matter on the basis of a request for an investigation made in February. The procedure of the public trustee will be examined. As a preliminary, the criminal title is a suspected breach of duty.

The house had been empty since the end of 2015 because a disabled elderly person living in it had had to move into a service house. Health inspectors had previously declared the house uninhabitable. The elderly person living in the house was taken care of by a general guardian.

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In the spring of 2018 there was apparently a pipe break in the house as a result of freezing. Over time, about 49,000 cubic meters of water had drained into the sewer.

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The leak was revealed in the fall of last year when the house was purchased in June Raimo Muhonen went with the men of the water utility to unplug the water meter in the house. The intention was to start demolishing the house.

The house had been declared uninhabitable by health inspectors in September 2015 and its occupant had been taken to a nursing home for care. After that, no one cared about the house, judging by the trace.­

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A surprise awaited the water meter detachers in the basement of the house. The meter showed a consumption of about 52,000 cubic meters. In February 2020, the trustee had notified the water utility of a consumption figure of 2,740 cubic meters. The same reading had already been reported to the water utility in October 2013, when the elderly person was still living in the house.

Among other things, the police investigation will determine whether the lobbying has caused financial damage to its principal by its negligence and whether the declaration of consumption made by the lobbying to the water utility in February 2020 is true at all.

Savonlinna Savonlinnan Vesi, owned by the city, charges a water bill of EUR 225,000 from the lobby. Muhonen, who bought the property in the summer of 2020, has also received a water bill of EUR 27,000 from the water utility for the property’s area of ​​ownership.

Savonlinnan Vesi has visited the water supply manager Esa Hinkkanen no one negotiates the payment of water bills with both lobbying and Muhonen, who bought the property. Negotiations are ongoing.

Raimo Muhonen, who bought a demolished deserted house at a nominal price, was surprised by a water bill of 27,000 euros.­

Due to the unfinished negotiations and the police investigation, Muhonen has also not been able to demolish the house.

There is no comment on the interest of a private interest client about Etelä-Savo’s lobbying, not least because the matter is being investigated.

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