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“A plan without date, it is not a plan, it is hopes”, laments the CEO of Accor

“A plan without date is not a plan, it is hopes”, said Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO of the Accor group, Wednesday March 24 on franceinfo, about the plan to reopen hotels, restaurants and bars that was proposed on March 16 by the government to professionals. He warns that if a gauge of 8 m² per person is mandatory, it will be “unplayable”.

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“I am ready to implement any reopening plan, but they give me a date”, insists Sébastien Bazin. He believes that he “We must have at least three weeks to a month of notice from a government, with a certain date, so as to be able to recontact all our employees” and to restock. The CEO explains that in the profession, “the greatest fear” it is not to see the staff return. “There are probably 15 to 30% of the people who worked in our industry a year ago who don’t want to come back” because with the crisis “They also learned to question themselves. These people, if necessary, you have to convince them to come back.”

The CEO of the Accor group warns that if the government plans to impose a space of 8 m² per customer in restaurants, as has just been imposed in company canteens, it would be “unplayable, none of us will reopen a restaurant or a hotel with eight square meters, it’s just impossible. It’s impossible to make an establishment profitable with a gauge that would be at 30%”. On the other hand, “if we are two or three square meters per person, we are able to open with 50 or 60% occupancy rate”, he assures.

“Me, I’m tired of treating my hotel customers, who are already few, like plague victims or like chickens in a cage.”

Sébastien Bazin, CEO of the Accor group

to franceinfo

“Frankly, we are also able to welcome our customers in a breakfast room and not leave room service in front of their doors by fearing to enter this room, it is unbearable”exclaims Sébastien Bazin. For him, “It is high time that we took a daring side, a risk-taking. Let’s try that all vulnerable populations are vaccinated as soon as possible. And after that, do not wait to vaccinate everyone, we will have to we accept to live with this virus. “

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