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A person accused of serious crimes in the Katiska tangle may represent Finland at the Olympics – this is the position of sports bosses – Sailing

Janne Järvinen is required to serve at least three years’ imprisonment in the so-called Katiska tangle.

Sailors Sinem Kurtbay and Janne Järvinen On Friday, Finland secured a fourth sailing venue for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Kurtbay and Järvinen grabbed a place in Finland in the nacra 17 class in the Lanzarote Olympic qualifiers.

The Nacra 17 class is the only Olympic class to compete in mixed pairs.

After winning the ground, Järvinen’s background has aroused public interest in particular. He is one of the defendants in a large-scale Katiska drug case. Järvinen is required to serve a term of imprisonment of at least three years for two serious money laundering and aiding and abetting a serious drug offense.

The charges relate to the second main defendant in the Katiska case Janne “Nacci” Tranbergin activities. According to Järvinen, Tranberg used him under the guise of friendship to commit crimes. Järvinen has denied the criminal charges.

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Sports Federation ie the chairman of the Finnish Sailing and Boating Association Jan Jansson rejoices in the land.

He does not take a position on whether Järvinen may be eligible for the Tokyo Olympics.

– Great that the ground has been obtained. The site user is then selected by the Olympic Committee. Of course, we have considered the situation and yesterday I discussed it Jani Tanskanen (Skills Group in the Olympic Committee). I can’t take a stand on his possible choice. If he gets a verdict, the situation will of course have to be re-weighed, but the matter is not in our hands, Chairman Jansson tells Ilta-Sanomat.

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The same is said by the Executive Director of the Finnish Sailing and Boating Association Jan Thorström.

– There are currently two different processes (sports choices and criminal). We are not involved in that second. Sure, we are aware of that, but no decision has yet come. The initiative is next for the Olympic Committee.

When Järvinen was arrested when the drug tangle erupted in early 2020, he withdrew from the national team himself.

– In the past, he may not have had enough of the national team. Now he is at the level of being part of the national team on its behalf, but has made that decision, confirms Thorström.

Finland the federation did not actually make a choice or a decision that Järvinen would participate in the hunting of the Olympic venue in the Lanzarote regatta.

Thorström says that there is no licensing system for sailing, but in principle anyone can take part in the race. The sports federation nominates the athletes only once every four years for the World Championships in the Olympic classes.

Olympic Committee support in the Nacra 17 class was last awarded to the couple Kurtbay – Axle Central. In the Lanzarote Olympic qualifier, however, Järvinen competed in the Olympic qualifier together with Kurtbay.

– The team has considered the national team athlete and the athlete outside the national team to be the best line-up for this competition. The sports result shows that it went quite well, commented on Yle Sport species manager Vili Kaijansinkko.

Jan Thorström, Do you see the possibility that Janne Järvinen would be elected to the Olympics, given this important aspect of criminal justice.

– Hard to answer. I would be foolish to guess. I might have my own idea for that, but I’m not going to step on the toes of the Olympic Committee.

Mikko Salonen, President and CEO of the Olympic Committee.­

Olympic Committee managing director Mikko Salonen says the Olympic election days are still ahead at the end of April, May and June. In one of them, representatives of sailing will also be announced for the races.

In this situation, do you see, taking into account the criminal justice process, that Järvinen will be elected to represent Finland at the Olympics?

– Of course, the situation is new now that the ground has been reached. We are aware of the regulatory process, but his sports federation or the Olympic Committee are in no way involved.

Do you see a moral problem in the fact that a person who has been involved in a large tangle of drugs and is required to be sentenced to a long prison term would represent Finland at a major sporting event?

– As for the Olympic selections, I can’t go on speculating, more selections are yet to come. When selection proposals are coming up, then there is a careful reflection on the choices.

However, is this criminal case taken into account in Järvinen’s case when making choices?

– It is a challenging whole, and as I said, it is not yet possible to comment on that.

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