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A nurse who hits a patient with Covid-19 in France? Attention intox!

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                Filmed by a CCTV camera, a scene broadcast on social networks claims to show a nurse hitting a patient under oxygen, who would have Covid-19, in a French hospital.  However, the scene dates from eight years ago and was filmed in Russia.

                                    <p>A user contacted the @ InfoIntoxF24 Twitter account to ask us to verify the origin of this 45-second video titled "Covid 19 in France, Share the video" (sic).  We see a man bedridden, on a respirator, beaten several times by a nurse. 

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An Internet user alerted the editorial staff of @ InfoIntoxF24 to this content. © Twitter @InfoIntoxF24
    </div>A man commented on the video in French while alarmed: "We really have to arrest this person, because it gives a bad image for our country. We are welcomed here with open arms, and this is what is happening. We denounce this Machiavellian, Satanist practice that takes place in our hospitals ".

Where did this video come from? ?

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The video, of poor quality, and graphically altered by the presence of the text at the top of the image, does not allow an easy search via the traditional reverse image search tools. On the other hand, it is possible to find the trace of it by taking a screenshot of the video, and by refocusing the image on the patient’s bed.

Thanks to the Yandex search engine, we find two results on British media, The Sun and the Daily Mail.

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Thanks to a search on Yandex, there are British media articles on this video from 2014.
Thanks to a search on Yandex, there are British media articles on this video from 2014. © Yandex
    </div>The incident took place in Russia in February 2013. The man in the blue coat, Andrei Votyakov, head of the anesthesiology and resuscitation service at the Federal Cardio-Surgery Center in Perm, Siberia, explained that he had lost his blood. -cold in the face of this patient after having done 24 hours of non-stop work ". He had specified in interviews with Russian media:" As soon as I entered the room with my team, he started throwing various names at me. 'birds.  We had spent a tremendous amount of time with his very complicated case to help him recover, and he didn't say a single word of gratitude. "
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The video had been relayed by many media, as below by the Arabic-speaking branch of SkyNews.


The stricken man died shortly after the video was caught.  However, this was not made public until July 2014, when the doctor was dismissed by his management.  The Russian courts also sentenced him to five months of community service and a fine of 100,000 rubles in 2015.


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