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a new road sign is introduced into the traffic rules for the designation of cameras – RT in Russian

From March 1, in Russia, you can use a new road sign pointing to cameras for photo and video recording of violations. The new designation will be used in conjunction with signs indicating the beginning of a settlement, and designations indicating the distance to a dangerous area or object. The previous sign of a similar orientation, which was used as a clarifying one together with a number of other designations, will be valid until September 1.

Since March 1, a new road sign has appeared in Russia, (6.22 “Photo and video fixation”) warning about cameras fixing traffic violations.

The corresponding government decree says that the new sign “indicates the places of possible use of stationary or mobile special technical equipment operating in automatic mode, having the functions of photographing and filming, video recording for fixing traffic violations.”

According to the document, the sign will be installed outside populated areas at a distance of 150-300 m to the control zone of the automatic photo and video recording equipment. In settlements, the new sign is used in conjunction with signs 5.23.1, 5.23.2 and 5.25, indicating the beginning of the settlement.

Among other things, if necessary, the new sign will be used in conjunction with the designation of the distance to the dangerous area or object.

The initiative was developed by the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs. An explanatory note to the draft government decree said that the innovations would inform drivers about the places where photo and video fixation systems are used. At the same time, it was supposed to reduce the excessive use of prohibitory and other road signs.

According to the new procedure, sign 6.22 is installed instead of the previous sign 8.23. In the explanatory note, it was noted that the corresponding replacement was due to the design and technical features of photo and video recording complexes capable of simultaneously recording several administrative offenses.

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“The draft resolution proposes to replace the additional information sign (plate) 8.23” Photo and video fixation “used to clarify the effect of the sign with which it is applied, to introduce a new information sign 6.22” Photo and video fixation “to designate places where stationary or mobile specials operating in automatic mode are used technical means “, – pointed out the authors of the document.

The previous signage plate for photo and video recording (8.23) was installed along with such signs as a level crossing, traffic light regulation, a residential area, as well as in places where overtaking and stopping is prohibited or speed limits are in effect. Thus, earlier the sign supplemented the main designation, indicating the nature of the violations recorded by the camera.

In accordance with the decree that came into force, the previous warning signs of photo and video recording are still valid, they will become invalid from September 1, 2021.

At the same time, the appearance of the new sign has not yet been made public. In particular, TASS reports that the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not respond to the agency’s request about what the new designation 6.22 looks like.

President’s order

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Note that the changes are being made in accordance with the order of the President of Russia. In June 2019, Vladimir Putin spoke about the location of cameras on Russian roads during a meeting of the State Council. The head of state then urged “not to hide or hide” this equipment.

He recalled that the purpose of installing video tracking cameras is to reduce accidents and injuries on the roads, as well as save lives.

“There is no need to hide and hide these cameras, especially in dangerous areas. In this case, there is a direct substitution of the meaning of all these activities. Instead of disciplining the drivers, they are simply fined, and this is not an end in itself, it is only a means of achieving the desired result. Please put things in order here, ”he said.

Along with this, Putin stressed that the prevention of road accidents is a key task.

Extension of validity of diagnostic cards

A day earlier it became known that the government of the Russian Federation has decided to extend the validity of the diagnostic cards issued following the completion of the technical inspection.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree that extends until October 1, 2021, the validity of the technical inspection, which expires from February 1 to September 30, 2021.

“Thus, motorists will not need to undergo a technical inspection, since the diagnostic cards they received earlier will be automatically extended,” the message said.

It also noted that thanks to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, car owners and specialized businesses will have time to prepare for the new rules of technical inspection.

As a reminder, the order of this procedure has changed since March 1. Recall that we are talking about photo and video recording of the procedure itself, as well as the translation of diagnostic cards into electronic format and a number of other changes.

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