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A new kind of CS map puts the player in the boots of a professional – and provides entertainment for at least a moment – Esports

A new kind of Counter-Strike map shows how the pros performed a particular situation and puts the player to repeat it.

Counter-Strike has thousands of different maps, many of which allow you to test or practice your skills in a variety of ways.

Now the game’s Workshop service has an out-of-the-ordinary map where the player gets to try out how he or she would perform in certain situations as a professional.

The Clutch Challenge map offers 15 known situations from the Cache map for play. Included are, for example Aleksandr ”s1mple” Kostylievin and Spencer “Hiko” Martinin cold cool performances from major tournaments as well Nikola “NiKo” Kovacin a shameless moment with the Desert Eagle at the A-bomb site.

Each performance is displayed first, after which it is the player’s turn to try to reproduce the situation as accurately as possible in the same way. The player is awarded points based on the time of movement, shots fired, hits and kills.

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This is what the map looks like and how it works:

The map plays through easily in half an hour, but improving performance is surprisingly addictive. The reporter’s quick test performance dragged on for hours when he found he could do better in certain situations. You can also upload your points to the scoreboard, whose top names are displayed on the map.

The scoring system doesn’t give you a single line for soloing if you want to top the leaderboard, but it’s fun to try different situations multiple times. Many situations, such as Kovač’s pistol performance, are downright annoyingly difficult to succeed, even moderately.

The Clutch Challenge map is available for free download on Steam From the workshop service. The map was made by a player using the nickname Ansimist.

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