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a new investigation into the origins of the virus commissioned by the WHO



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Will we one day know the origin of the Covid-19 virus? The boss of the WHO on Tuesday March 30 ordered a new investigation, on the hypothesis of the possible leak of the virus from a laboratory in China. The experts appointed to Wuhan for four weeks had difficulty accessing certain data.
The whole world was awaiting their conclusions: last January, 16 experts appointed by the World Health Organization came to Wuhan (China) to try to understand the origin of the Covid-19 virus. Constantly supervised by the authorities and the police, they had only limited access to markets and laboratories in Wuhan. Wearing, at the end of their mission, their conclusions seemed clear. “Our research suggests that the laboratory’s thesis is extremely unlikely to explain the emergence of the virus in the population.“said Peter Ben Embarek of the WHO delegation to China.

Almost two months later, it was a thunderclap. The boss of the same WHO contradicts his researchers on Tuesday, March 30, and asks China for new investigations. Among the experts’ avenues, two laboratories are in their sights. One is a P4 lab that China allows to handle some of the world’s most dangerous viruses. This highly secure place would not be transparent enough, according to specialists. For now, China has not reacted to the WHO’s request.

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