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A new bathroom, kitchen or dormer window: what does that actually cost? | NOW

If you are dreaming about a new kitchen or would you like to renovate your bathroom, it is useful to know in advance which budget goes with it. lists the costs of various renovations to give an idea of ​​the possibilities.

You can of course make a renovation as luxurious or simple as you want. Prices do not only depend on personal taste, but can also differ per type of home. The overview below is based on the average costs, including installation. Nibud advises to always request three or more quotations in advance.

Kitchen: 7,000 euros (normal)

In the kitchen, the material in particular can become a major expense. If you opt for standard equipment from budget brands, you usually keep the purchase and installation under 5,000 euros. More options and better-known brands can increase the price to 25,000 euros. Think of a cooking island with Bora extraction (including diverting electricity and water pipes), luxury kitchen worktops or a steam oven. As with a bathroom, there may also be additional costs for disassembling and disposing of old equipment. Overviews for kitchen costs can be found at the Vereniging Eigen Huis. View at vtwonen what you should pay attention to when you buy a kitchen.

Bathroom: 6,000 euros (normal)

If you leave the old tiling and opt for a simple shower, the costs for a bathroom can be around 3,000 euros. But that number quickly increases with more luxurious versions and larger spaces. The material, underfloor heating or the choice of a (bubble) bath in particular makes a difference. For example, the costs can amount to 18,000 euros. With good insulation and a heat exchanger, you save costs on your energy bill. For overviews with price indications, you can also contact Vereniging Eigen Huis online.

Construction: 20,000 euros (normal)

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The costs of an extension are not only related to the number of square meters, but also to the choice between prefab, shell and customization. With an extra floor or a clay base, you usually also need piles. The different choices in windows, doors and electricity also cause prices to rise further, as do the types of materials or the stucco. The lower limit mentioned by comparison sites is 13,000 euros and the maximum is 50,000 euros. BouwadviesShop has its own tool to scroll through square meters and prices.

Attics and dormer windows: 5,000 euros (normal)

Installing a simple plaster wall to create rooms costs around 750 euros. That increases if you want to install extra electricity and sockets. A 2.5 meter wide plastic dormer usually starts at a price of 3,500 euros. Those costs can more than double with a larger size with a more luxurious finish. The prices for roof insulation are usually between 1,500 and 3,500 euros.

Remember that subsidy is possible with two insulating investments, such as the roof and the floor below. View the options on More extensive indications for attic renovations can be found via Offerte Adviseur and Homedeal, among others.

Cellar: 30,000 euros (at least)

A garage, fitness room or private cinema; it is all possible with the construction of a cellar. Obviously there are different hooks and eyes. Not only the size determines the price, but also the existing foundation and choices for ventilation and daylight. In addition, a building permit is required and a soil investigation usually has to be carried out. A table with average prices per square meter, starting at 30,000 euros, can be found via Werkspot. Depending on the situation and specific wishes, the costs can be up to 200,000 euros.

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