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A man raped a woman on a Tinder date – finally the victim came up with a reason to get away from the man – Domestic

The 38-year-old man was convicted in district court of aggravated rape and smuggling. The man denied the rape charge, but admitted to taking scantily clad pictures of the woman without knowing it.

The Pirkanmaa District Court has sentenced a 38-year-old man to 2 years and 8 months in prison for aggravated rape and smuggling.

In addition, he was ordered to pay the victim compensation for the pain, suffering and temporary inconvenience he caused, totaling € 17,800.

The sexual offenses took place in Ruovesi last spring, when the plaintiff and the convicted man met for the first time.

The man and woman had become acquainted with each other in the dating application Tinder and communicated for about a month before the events. The man picked up a woman living in another locality by car to his apartment, where the woman was to spend the weekend from Friday to Sunday.

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The man’s apartment was first watched on TV and the man was drinking beer. According to the victim, at some point, however, the man’s behavior changed abruptly and he grabbed the woman hard by the throat.

According to the accusation, the man raped the woman violently by forcing and exploiting the fact that the woman was unable to defend herself or express her will due to a state of fear due to sleeping and the use of violence. The rape included physical humiliation and submissive speech.

The prosecutor said the man forced the victim into sex several times over the next few hours, and the rape continued in the morning, when the woman woke up with the man inside her.

The man also took pictures of the woman in underdress without her permission.

The display supported what the victim said

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The man denied the charge of aggravated rape but admitted the insult. He denied that he forced the woman into sex with violence or took advantage of the woman’s sleep or fear space.

The man said he had sex with the woman several times, but according to the man, this was done with the woman’s consent, and there was no violence associated with the sex, he said.

The victim’s account was supported by a screening that included a witness account, an emergency call record, and two medical statements. According to the court, the woman also reported what happened in quite detail and consistency.

Among other things, the woman had called a witness from the apartment while the man was out of earshot and said she had caught her throat, punched her, and raped her. On the phone, the victim had considered ways to get out of the man’s apartment.

Originally, the woman was supposed to stay with the man until Sunday, but the man threw the woman back to her hometown as early as Saturday after the woman had figured out a reason under which she could get away from the man.

Later that Saturday, a witness picked up the victim from his home and took him to the hospital. The witness said the woman was crying and scared, her walking was bad and there were traces on her neck.

The witness recommended that the woman call the emergency center, which she did. In the emergency center recording used as evidence, the woman said she had been raped for two consecutive days. The woman visited the doctor several times and told the doctor about what had happened, which she found, among other things, bruising and bruising.

Right: There was no significant suspicion of guilt

The district court found in its judgment that the victim’s behavior after the incident and the injuries found in her strongly supported the woman’s account of the rape. The man’s view of the events, in turn, was at odds with the woman’s injuries.

The court also held that both the end of the visit one day earlier than agreed and the end of the month-long contact for that weekend speak in favor of something unfortunate happening to the man.

Because the woman was far from her home and in a place unfamiliar to herself at the time of the incident, she had only limited opportunities to escape the apartment.

In its judgment, the district court held that there was no significant doubt as to the man’s guilt.

The district court found that the act was of long duration and involved numerous sexual intercourse. The man used a humiliating practice and language that subjugated the victim in the rape, so the act was done in a particularly humiliating way within the meaning of the law, the court justifies in its decision.

Due to the physical and mental injuries suffered by the victim, the rape as a whole was also outrageous. 38 years old May Samuel Huhtala was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in absolute prison for aggravated rape and smuggling.

The penalty for aggravated rape is 2 to 10 years in prison.

The district court’s verdict in March is not final, but can be appealed to the Court of Appeal. Aamulehti according to the man has expressed his dissatisfaction with the verdict within the time limit.

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