Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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A man in a loader rammed the police and the bailiff – stopped with pepper spray and weapons

It was at four o’clock on Friday that the police helped the bailiff with a foreclosure in Tierp. When the work has started, a man in his 50s shows up and sits down in a loader.

According to the police, he is angry and hits a rescuer who is probably at the scene to seize the vehicle.

He then continues to hit a police car and a car from the bailiff.

The police on the spot sprayed pepper on the man on the move but it did not stop him. He only stopped after the police drew their weapons. No one should have been seriously injured in the incident.

– I do not know if anyone was in the cars but there were no direct injuries. A colleague has done badly in connection with this incident but should not have had to seek hospital care, says Daniel Wikdahl, press spokesperson for the police.

It is unclear what connection the man has to the foreclosure.

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– His exact role in the whole thing I do not have clear to me. In some way he has to do with this, but if it is him as a person or his company it is about, I do not know, says Daniel Wikdahl, spokesman for the police.

The man has now been arrested on suspicion of three counts of aggravated assault, six counts of attempted aggravated assault and violence against an official.

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