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A lifetime for the victim’s son and the man who beat the victim 40 times with a knife from the Tampere assassination, which was found on the Tor network – Tampere region

The Pirkanmaa District Court found the victim’s son guilty of inciting murder and the stabbing murderer.

The Pirkanmaa District Court has sentenced both those accused of the Tampere Vasaratie assassination sentence to life imprisonment. The court now looked at the 20-year-old Mika Markus Aleksi Hytönen the perpetrator of the murder and the 21-year-old Aatu Viljami Halonen incitement to murder.

The crime took place in the Viiala district on January 28 last year. The victim was Halonen’s father, who was 44 at the time of the crime. The victim was a wealthy entrepreneur.

Hytönen had searched the Tor network for a customer to commit a homicide. Halonen contacted Hytös and ordered a massacre. Halonen promised to pay 10,000 euros for the murder, but Hytönen was left with only 250 euros he had taken from the victim.

According to the court, Halonen’s motive for the assignment remained partly unclear. According to Hytönen, Halonen had hastened the killing because her father had planned to marry her female friend, which would have complicated inheritance matters.

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As another motive, the court highlighted the bitterness that Halonen experienced towards her father from her childhood.

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