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a group of teachers files a complaint for “endangering the life of others”

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                The “Red Stylos” collective has filed a complaint for “endangering the life of others” against the Minister of National Education, AFP announced on Tuesday.  Jean-Michel Blanquer is accused of "not protecting staff in contact with children" who "spread the virus" of Covid-19.

                                    <p>While France is experiencing a third epidemic wave due to Covid-19, the health situation in schools is unhappy with teachers. <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">The "Red Stylos" collective</a> announced to AFP on Tuesday March 30 that it had filed a complaint for "endangering the life of others" against the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

The collective accuses him of “not protecting staff in contact with children” who “spread the virus” of Covid-19. The complaint, signed by 55 members of the “Red Stylos” collective, was received Monday by the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), the only one empowered to investigate a minister in the performance of his duties, according to a judicial source .

“We are facing a minister who is in total denial of reality: he told us that we were no longer in danger at home than at school, that there were no cases in schools, which has reduced the figures … While schools are exploding, “said AFP Nicolas Glière, spokesperson for the collective which claims 74,200 members, teachers and education staff.

“Children spread the virus and schools are clusters, it’s true. We would have liked schools not to close, but now we have no choice,” he added.

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Nicolas Glière and the collective criticize the Minister of National Education for “not protecting staff who are in permanent contact with children” and for not having listened to teachers’ alerts on contamination in schools.

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“We have not been heard, we are in danger, people have fallen seriously ill, nothing has been done: the complaint is a necessity”, summarizes Nicolas Glière, who teaches French in a Parisian college.

The “Red Stylos” collective, created in December 2018, “demands the closure of schools in the most affected areas and the passage in half-groups elsewhere to protect education staff and families”.

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“Closing classes for a few weeks doesn’t kill anyone, on the contrary [des] lies [du ministre]”, denounces the collective in a message addressed to AFP, regretting that the” soft “measures of the government.

Since Monday, a single case of Covid-19 in a class in schools, colleges and high schools has resulted in its closure, against three cases previously, the executive decided to halt the progression of Covid-19.

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