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A goal from Dani Olmo in the 92nd minute saves Spain’s pride and World Cup options against Georgia


In another thick and bad match of Luis Enrique’s, the goal allows us to continue connected to an even difficult qualifying phase.

Dani Olmo celebrates his goal with Morata.KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEVAFP
It was in the 92nd minute. It was a desperate shot by Dani Olmo in which the goalkeeper had a decisive contribution to make it a goal. It was a liberating cry from a team, Luis Enrique’s, to see how his life escaped him in this qualifying phase. Until that moment, Qatar, the country, was far from Spain, also the country. But Spain, the national team, was even further away from Qatar, the World Cup. After the stumble against Greece, and until that minute 92, the national team offered a dying aspect that inevitably led to a play-off (in the best of cases). Because he was even below the scoreboard, because he tied in an isolated action and because, after half an hour being unable to generate anything knowing what was at stake, only that parable of the Leipzig player saved Luis Enrique’s men from an incontestable embarrassment.

At the end of the first half, the sensations couldn’t be worse. The selection, after drawing against Greece in the first game, went to the locker room losing with a goal from the Georgian star, Kvaratskhelia, which badly embittered Pedro Porro’s debut on the right side. With the noise of the 15,000 spectators, feverish with the goal, and having been unable to generate a clear chance for three quarters of an hour, Spain knew far, far, from the World Cup in Qatar.

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Luis Enrique, true to himself, changed seven players from last Thursday’s game. Three of the four defenders, the entire midfield and one of the top three. By focusing on the core of the team, Busquets, Pedri and Fabin replaced Rodri, Koke and Canales. The result was more or less the same, with Spain having an inconsequential possession, incapable of unbalancing the good defensive system of those at home.

Georgia played like Greece, but only by 50%. He defended like the Greeks, with many people, almost all, behind the ball, but the difference was that, when he managed to recover it, and it was not a few times, he threw counterattacks with great danger, with a lot of bad drool. Almost always on the left side, where Kvaratskhelia, a 20-year-old boy who plays for Russian Rubin Kazan and whom we will soon see in a big club in Europe, did what he wanted how he wanted and when he wanted. The kid is lightning, always with the ball glued to his foot, always vertical, facing another kid, Pedro Porro, who choked on his debut for that reason. So Spain spent the entire first set crashing into the Georgian wall and suffering in the laps. If the coach said against Greece that it had been the best game of his life on a defensive level, against Georgia he cannot boast of the same.

Luis Enrique moved the tree at half-time, removing Diego Llorente from the center with a card and, in a surprising decision, putting Dani Olmo in to remove Bryan Gil, who was the only one who, as happened against Greece, was trying the one against one, the main weapon, along with a conduction, to break a team lying on its goalkeeper. The luck for the selection was that as soon as the start -at 10 minutes- a center by Jordi Alba found Ferrn Torres at the far post, and with the draw the team began to breathe. He never finished settling down, because every five minutes Luis Enrique makes a change. Thiago, Marcos Llorente, Oyarzabal …

A dance of changes and positions that did not allow those who entered, and someone who was in the field, to spend more than ten minutes in the same position. With Georgia prey to exhaustion, she hit Spain as much as she could, which wasn’t much. In reality, he was not able to generate any scoring chances, even knowing that the setback left him the Qatar World Cup very far, at the expense of now winning the six games that are ahead. It was Dani Olmo, a little from not knowing what else to do, who tried a long shot. The ball caught the goalkeeper ahead and uncoordinated in the jump, so that in the end, when everything seemed black, Spain saved the pride and the World Cup options. Pouting, but I saved him.

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