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A giant container ship blocking the Suez Canal has caused huge cargo chaos – trying to dismantle the ship – Abroad

The 400-meter container ship has blocked the Suez Canal, through which 30 percent of the world’s cargo containers pass.

It may take “days or weeks” to move a container ship from the Suez Canal, ”says a representative of the Dutch company that sent the experts on site. Experts from Smit Salvage, owned by Boskalis, arrived on the channel on Thursday, AFP news.

– It’s like a heavy whale on the beach, CEO of Boskalis Peter Berdowski described to a Dutchman News hourthe forthcoming transfer contract for the program.

– We cannot rule out that this will take weeks, depending on the situation.

MV Ever Given drifted almost across the Suez Canal.­

MV Ever Given, one of the world’s largest container vessels, sank into the shallows in a sandstorm on March 23 after seven in Finnish time. None of the ship’s 25-member crew were injured in ground contact. The cargo also remained undamaged, New York Times says.

The 400-meter vessel is almost transverse to the Suez Canal, causing the canal to be blocked. The Egyptian authorities have had to temporarily close the canal.

On average, more than 50 vessels pass through the Suez Canal daily. About 30 percent of the world’s freight containers and about 12 percent of all cargo pass through the channel. Reuters according to now, more than 200 large container vessels, oil and gas tankers and other cargo ships are at the ends of the canal waiting to pass. This is the worst freight congestion in years.

Ships waiting to enter the Suez Canal.­

This was what the traffic chaos on the Suez Canal looked like at worst before the canal was temporarily closed.­

According to Berdowski, a container vessel transfer operation can take weeks if it involves moving individual containers off the vessel and dredging. According to Berdowski, it also takes time to get the equipment on site.

– There is still fuel and water that can be removed. One should try to reduce the weight as much as possible. If that doesn’t work, a combination of different solutions remains, such as moving containers away.

– The deeper the ship is stuck and the harder it is to lighten it, the longer it will take to release it.

Attempts have been made to remove the platform using excavators.­

Suez Canal officials said on Thursday they had discussed dredging with Smit Salvage representatives to remove the container vessel. Attempts are currently being made to detach the vessel using two dredgers, nine tugs and four excavators.

Attempts have already been made to remove the platform by pushing and pulling it. In addition, excavators have been excavated near the bow thruster of the ship.

Excavators have dug up ground around the ship’s bow thruster.­

According to Reuters sources, the ballast water had already been drained to make the ship float.

According to experts, freight traffic may have to be diverted around Africa if the vessel is not soon operational.

MV Ever Given is owned by a Japanese company but operated by Taiwanese company Evergreen Marine Corp. The ship is flying the Panamanian flag.

Tugboats have also been called in to help remove the container vessel.­

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