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A Gaddafi escort reveals the details of the last moments before the killing of the colonel – Politics – News

Faraj Ibrahim, the personal companion of the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, revealed the details of the last night in his life and the course of the clashes before he was killed on October 20, 2011. Exclusive to Al Arabiya

In his documentary for Al-Arabiya entitled “Gaddafi: the Last Days,” Ibrahim narrated what happened hours before the end of the Libyan colonel’s life after the protesters managed to besiege him.

The spokesman stated that he and his companions had taken a decision to persuade Gaddafi of the need to storm the siege after severe resistance from both sides and after the protesters withdrew temporarily at night in preparation for the continuation of the clashes the next day.

In addition, Ibrahim mentioned that he and those with him tried to equip an armored car with primitive armor using sandbags, but the fall of a shell ruined what they had done, indicating that they were late to leave their stronghold after it was programmed to move in the cover of the night due to the interference of NATO aircraft and the continuous bombing of three times.

Ibrahim said that the first strike by NATO hit the guard car that was directly behind Gaddafi’s car, killing the driver and his companions, stating that blood was covering all of his body.

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Then came the second strike and greatly affected the vehicles, as it completely destroyed them, forcing them to get off and fortify the Saffron area with houses under construction, and at that time the clashes began at 8:00 in the morning, according to what the spokesman explained, noting that most of the guards and escorts were killed by the heavy weapons bombing.

Gaddafi’s personal attendant also recalled that in the midst of that bombing, the Libyan colonel and some of those who remained with him had to flee and leave those houses whose walls were penetrated by bullets, which is the last moment he saw him, as Faraj Ibrahim recounts.

Around midday that day, Ibrahim said, he saw the protesters from afar wrapped around the ambulance and heard voices and chants saying that Gaddafi was dead.

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