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A dictionary that documents place names in the Emirates .. From land to sea – our life – culture

The National Archives issued the “Dictionary of Place and Site Names in the United Arab Emirates”, which includes the names of different places and geographical locations in the Emirates such as cities and villages, plains and mountains, islands and cesspools, lectures and folklore, mosques and archaeological houses, wells and dams, ports and lagoons.

The content of the dictionary was arranged according to the alphabetical system, and the material of the book was based on several main sources from field visits to different regions in the Emirates, from books and magazines that dealt with the country’s external and internal affairs, from periodicals and reports, from interviews with some senior citizens, from daily newspapers, and from geographical denunciations in Governmental, historical and geographical sites, and geographical dictionaries for places in the country.

And the new dictionary added to many of the mentioned places and Bekaa with a historical character, in addition to explaining some of the terms and expressions that the people of the Emirates use in naming places, spots and sites, so the dictionary came geographically and historically comprehensive in its three parts.

The National Archives pointed out in a statement that “this publication comes within the framework of its interest in providing comprehensive references and documented information to the public, as it is concerned with this publication as a cognitive and cultural achievement specific to the UAE, and it provides a geographical definition and historical overviews of Emirati places and sites, and this meets the needs of students, researchers and academics. To an encyclopedic book known with geographical and historical details of the places and places to which they are linked by the causes of life or love of the homeland, and familiarity with its history, which will have a great impact on the souls of the people of the Emirates, as it enhances their sense of patriotism and belonging to the homeland and loyalty to its leadership that made it a modern home comparable to the most advanced countries in the world It also entrenches the national identity ».

The dictionary begins with an introduction to the emergence of the UAE on the second of December 1971. It reviews the growth of its population from 2005 until 2017, then it turned to its geographical location and area, and touched on the geology of the Emirates. The glossary highlights the mountains of the Emirates, the flora and fauna and the climate.

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It also documents in a documented manner the names of places and sites in the UAE according to their alphabetical sequence. The first part begins with the letter alif and ends with the letter Kha, and falls under the letter alif with the names of hundreds of places, perhaps the most prominent of which is “Abu Dhabi”. Al Sahel, Abu Dhabi The Modern City, and others. The dictionary lists the place names that begin with the letter Baa and are known by them. In the section on the letter J, it is known, for example, as Julphar, and on many islands: Sir Bani Yas, Sir Bu Nair, Dab, Birds, Samaliyah, Hamra Island, Bu Tina, and many others.

In the section on the letter H, it is known as the village of Hatta, the Haditha region, Jebel Hafeet, the village of Hamriyah, and others, while in Bab Khaa, the Burj Khalifa, Khalifa City, Khalifa Port, the village of Khatt, and the city of Khor Fakkan are reviewed. And in Bab Harf al-Zai, it moves to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Ajman, and then to Madinat Zayed, Falaj Zayed, and Port Zayed, and from there it goes to the Zuba Palace. It is noteworthy that the dictionary is compiled, arranged and classified by Dr. Muhammad Issa Qandil.


The second part of the book begins with the letter Dal, and ends with the letter Gin, and in this part the book focuses on the geography of Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Ajman, and some stations and historical features of these Emirates.

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From F to Z

The third part contains places and sites whose names start with the letter “Fa” until the last letters of the alphabet, and in its beginnings it deals with Fujairah, and many aflaj, mosques, harbors, cities and schools.

• The book provides a geographical definition and historical overviews of Emirati sites.

• 3 chapters included in the dictionary, which was compiled, arranged and classified by Dr. Muhammad Issa Qandil.

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