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“a desire for revenge against Western countries”, according to a specialist

This Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 March, the Chinese Embassy in France attacked a French researcher very violently. He denounced the pressure exerted by Beijing on parliamentarians wishing to go to Taiwan.
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“Small strike”, “mad hyena” or even “ideological troll”. The Chinese Embassy in Paris has been unleashed against a French researcher since Friday, March 22. Antoine Bondaz, researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research, had indeed denounced Chinese pressure on French parliamentarians wishing to go to Taiwan.

As soon as we talk about Taiwan, Beijing does not hesitate to show its teeth as Antoine Bondaz notes. “The embassy has been successful for years in ensuring that there is no public debate on Taiwan, as on other sensitive issues for that matter.”, he says, “She wants to padlock the debate and anything that goes against her will is considered ‘naughty’ and other terms they may have used.”

For Luc Richard, author of the book Will China be our nightmare?, this projection is symbolic of a China now uninhibited in the face of the West. According to him, the ideological software of the Chinese leaders has not evolved, despite the country’s integration into economic globalization: “It must be remembered that China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party, and that this party has not changed its political agenda, he analyzes. It is therefore not at all surprising that the country behaves so brutally. What is new, however, is that it is done more openly. “

“We feel a real rise in Chinese power, a real desire for revenge against Western countries. The Chinese leaders feel confident enough to begin to openly display their game.”

Luc Richard, China specialist

to franceinfo

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On the side of the Chinese Embassy, ​​we justify this uninhibited rhetoric by saying that diplomacy consists in defending the interests and image of one’s country.

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