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A deputy from United We Can confesses in Congress to be a victim of sexist violence

Friday, March 26, 2021 – 1:15 PM

Isabel Franco Carmona, in an image from her Twitter account.

Isabel Franco Carmona, deputy for Seville of Unidas Podemos and first vice president of the Commission for the Follow-up of the State Pact on Gender Violence, has confessed during the appearance in Congress of the president of the Observatory against this type of violence of the General Council of Judicial Power, having been herself a victim of sexist violence “within and also outside the couple” and has added that her family does not know it.

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Franco has begun his intervention on the victims, always speaking in the plural and demanding that gender training be extended to the entire Administration, from the highest to the lowest positions. His words have focused mainly on violence that occurs outside the couple, something that, in his opinion, the legislation “does not cover well and manages to create first and second victims.

It was then that the deputy explained: “One out of every two women has suffered at some point in sexist violence. I must say today openly that I have also suffered it within the sphere of the couple and outside of it. It is important that we begin to Say it clearly, to overcome that fear, to overcome silence and shame. My family does not know it but I suffer it, like many other women, and this must be normalized and started to say it because it is the first step to be able to get out of it”.

His confession has been greeted with applause, including the president of the CGPJ Gender Violence Observatory, who has described his decision as “an example of enormous courage.”

“99.6% of women who suffer violence outside the scope of the couple has been at the hands of a man and 44% within their homes by known people”, said the deputy before adding: “Just in the Spheres in which we believe we are safe, even so we are violated, we are raped and we suffer sexist violence “.

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Franco has asked, as claimed by the Ministry of Equality, to increase the budget for the fight against gender violence to 21%; 113 million for the Autonomous Communities; 20 million for local entities and 18 million for associations that work against sexist violence. And he has taken advantage of his intervention to accuse the Government of Andalusia “having given in to the denial of the extreme right” and dedicating less and less funds to fight against gender violence; he has claimed to move from “no is no” to “only yes is yes” and “eliminate the distinction between aggression and abuse.”

In her second speech, she continued to speak in the plural and in the present tense to insist on the need for Spanish legislation to be at the head of the European Union in the defense “of all women and children, of all the people who are involved. suffering sexist violence “.

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